Stop Believing These Popular Fitness Myths!

Stop Believing These Popular Fitness Myths!

These are five of the most popular fitness myths that might hold you back from reaching the fitness level you’ve always dreamed of.

If you have been giving your all to gain fitness and yet seeing no effective results, chances are you have fallen for bad advice.

In the world of fitness and health, it is information that becomes your best friend. And while you may like to take the help of a friend or colleague to guide you through your fitness journey, you might not always have a happy experience. The truth is, the fitness world is full of myths.

If you have found someone doing exactly the opposite of your workout, you know either of the two is wrong.

This is why we need to bust the most popular fitness myths and embrace the journey to fitness with greater care and understanding.

The Most Popular Fitness Myths Busted

Here are five popular fitness myths busted for you:

1. Protein Supplements Are Key To Bodybuilding

Popular Fitness Myths Busted - Protein Supplements For Bodybuilding

Protein is the muscle-building “vitamin” of the body. Indeed, maintaining a protein-rich diet helps boost the muscle-building process and ultimately leads to building up strong muscles.

But just taking supplements alone isn’t the path to bodybuilding. You need to put in the effort and work out constantly in order to shed off fat and tone and grow muscle mass.

Indeed, adding protein-rich foods to your diet can boost muscle growth easily. But protein isn’t the only supplement your body needs to build up muscles effectively.

For example, health supplements and vitamins like omega 3, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Iron, etc restore the body deficiencies and uplift the weak muscles.

So protein supplements aren’t the key to bodybuilding unless they’re in perfect balance with other vitamins and nutrients and a proper workout routine.

2. Crunches Lead To Flat Abs

Crunches Don't Lead To Flat Abs

Sit-ups, crunches, and V-ups do not lead to fat loss. They are sets of abdominal exercises that strengthen the core and tone the muscles.

To lose weight, one needs to do cardio sessions paired with a healthy and nutritious diet that ultimately leads to flat abs.

Instead of blindly following the crunches and reps like any other person in the gym, pay attention to details.

3. More Sweat, More Burn

More Sweat Does Not Mean More Fat Burn

Some people get drenched in sweat while working out. It doesn’t mean that they work out too hard and did the right thing.

Sweat is the biological response to increased body temperature and happens when people heat their bodies.

In a gym, physical effort is one of the causes of a person to sweat. But it cannot be associated with burning more calories.

Sweating profusely during gym sessions only means your body is heated up; it’s the quality of the workout that defines calorie burns.

4. Dieting Is Important

Eating Right Is More Important Than Dieting

Dieting or starving isn’t the key to fitness – eating right is! A person needs to follow a healthy and nutritious meal plan to stay fit.

So opt for unprocessed foods, lean meats, organic fruits, and fresh legumes. You can get most of the much-needed nutrients from food alone.

But sometimes, that’s not enough, so adding vitamins and supplements helps keep nutrition in check.

While eating fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, etc are important, it is also crucial to balance the vitamin content right for the best outcome of your workouts.

5. Running Is Bad For Your Knees

Popular Fitness Myths Busted - Running Is Bad For Your Knees

Running is one of the key cardio workouts to enhance stamina, energy, and calorie burn. But it also has a bad reputation on the knees.

While it cannot be denied that running does strain the joint muscles, one has to understand that it does not always result in knee injuries.

Knee injuries are common for people with weak muscles. If you run regularly, knee joints gain strength too. Running does not cause knee injuries, weak muscles do.

Gaining perspective for your fitness journey helps ace the workout sessions with productive results.

With the most popular fitness myths busted now, it’s time to binge on the right knowledge and take your fitness journey a few notches higher.

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