Piloxing | New Fitness Exercises

Piloxing | New Fitness Exercises

When we first heard about piloxing, we thought it must be something very difficult, if it manages to keep in top form stars like Hilary Duff , Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale and Alexis Bledel, actress in the Gilmore Girls.

The name piloxing sparked us more curiosity, so I went in search of more concrete data that would lift the veil of mystery that was littered over this unique way of moving. Thus, we found that piloxing means a combination of pilates intense movements and full of strength exercises, leading to the creation of an “explosive cocktail” that melts fat.

What Is Piloxing?

Piloxing is a very dynamic method that was created by Viveca Jensen, pilates instructor, dancer and personal trainer to Hollywood stars. Viveca started from the basics of Pilates, combined them with strenght exercises and then seasoned them with dance moves. The method was developed to help every woman to improve self image, aimed at achieving the three key words of piloxing: slim, beautiful and powerful. Very rhythmic music during exercise, grace and strength with which are executed movements, are in harmony with the vision behind a piloxing hour.

In One Hour You Can Burn 900 Calories

Piloxing is a super intense workout that works the entire body muscles. It helps you burn between 400-900 calories per hour and improves your speed, flexibility and vitality. Not only lose weight, but your muscles toned are full of strength. Workout hours combine cardio with periods of active relaxation, and strenght elements, dance and Pilates. This is the workout that develops your coordination.

“The effects are beginning to show after only two weeks of training.”

If you get bored quickly and want to spice up your cardio routine with something new, add some piloxing hours. Certainly, it will be a challenge because the piloxing addresses to people with above average physical condition. Workouts are alert, rhythm and anyway else, but not boring!

We were happy when we found out that the aerobic halls began to enter piloxing in the program. We will return with a future article about these kind of exercises. Will present to you sone piloxing exercises to build your body right!


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