Perfect Ass Workout From Jennifer Lopez’s Coach

Perfect Ass Workout From Jennifer Lopez’s Coach

Do you want a perfect ass? Tracy Anderson, a celebrity trainer who trained J. Lo, Shakira, and Madonna, has the right glute workout for this.

Everyone knows Jennifer Lopez for her famously round bum. But do you know the trainer that helped her build such a remarkable rear? Tracy Anderson is her name.

Before jumping into the best glute exercises that will help you shape a perfect ass, let’s find out more about Tracy.

Who Is Tracy Anderson?

Tracy Anderson also won an impressive number of stars that brought them an amazing physical shape.

She has worked so far with big names like Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Gwyneth Paltrow, Courtney Cox, and Ashley Greene. At present, she is monitoring Kim Kardashian’s perfect ass.

Tracy Anderson boasts radical transformation of Gwyneth Paltrow, who at 40 looks better than ever.

Many of you already know about my passion for the Tracy Anderson Method and how much I believe in it. Tracy managed to turn my unsightly ass in one firm and always be grateful to her“, actress Gwyneth Paltrow wrote on her website,

It seems that when she could not meet with Tracy, it had prepared videos filmed it, then Gwyneth trained.

Tracy has shared with us a program of exercises for the arms, which I did every day when I prepared for her role in ‘Iron Man’ in a hotel room on the plateau, and which we highly recommend. When done at a lower video quality because it was just for me. But it’s good. Especially if you have sagging skin on your arms.

A month’s worth at Tracy Hall in New York cost $900, but for celebrities, it is not a problem. Here is a video with exercises for a perfect ass:

The Perfect Ass Workout

Here is a workout video with the only glute exercises you need to tone and shape your bum:

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