Outdoor Exercise Is More Than Breathing Fresh Air

Outdoor Exercise Is More Than Breathing Fresh Air

Benefits To Outdoor Exercise

When you need to workout, don’t confine yourself to the gym, but go for some outdoor exercise.  There are more ways to get in a good workout outdoors than walking, jogging or cycling and exposure to fresh air and sunshine has many benefits for your health.  Varying your routine may help burn more calories and you may complete a harder workout without trying when you are outside.

Weather Plays A Factor

When you take your workouts outside, the sun, the wind can play a part in how many calories you are able to burn when you are exercising.  During a hot day, your body has to work harder to cool itself down and you will sweat more profusely than you would normally at the gym.  The wind speed can also be a factor because the higher the winds are, the more resistance you will have when you’re exercising.  In a way, Mother Nature can help you lose five to seven percent more calories than you would in a tranquil gym.

Soak Up The Sun

Outdoor exercise also allows you to soak up the sunrays, helping you to absorb more Vitamin D into your system.  The “sunshine vitamin” helps the body better absorb phosphorus and calcium, which can stave off problems like osteoporosis or having soft bones, called osteomalacia.  Getting more Vitamin D also helps the immune system function normally, helping to defend your body against diseases.

Stress Reliever

Going outside to workout will also help ease your stress better than working out in the gym.  While exercise is a great stress reliever no matter where it is done, breathing fresh air can help increase feelings of euphoria, which develops when the body releases endorphins.  Outdoor exercise also helps to increase positive thinking and the body feels more energized too.  A survey showed that 71 percent of people who took a walk outside felt less stressed, while 72 percent of those who walked in a gym felt more stressed afterwards.

Save Money On Memberships

Along with no having to wait in line for machines to become available, you don’t have to pay a membership fee to enjoy outdoor exercise.  You can save $50 or more per month by taking a trip to the park rather than a trip to the gym in order to workout.  Another added benefit is that you can take your kids with you, letting them play on the equipment while you exercise nearby.

Outdoor Exercise Benefits

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