5 Natural Fabrics You Need To Start Wearing At The Gym


Just like the foods you eat, the fabrics you wear are better for your body the more natural they are. Check out the most natural fabrics you should start wearing.

Plant and animal-based fabrics usually are less toxic and more eco-friendly.

Many synthetic fabrics like rayon, polyester, and nylon are treated with chemicals in order to make them more stain or wrinkle resistant. These fabrics aren’t breathable and the dyes even add to the toxic load.

5 Natural Fabrics You Should Wear

Here are 5 natural fabrics you should look for when buying gym or casual clothes:

1. Soft Breathable Bamboo

Bamboo fabric is a great warm weather fabric. It has a wicking ability that pulls moisture away from the skin, and it is breathable. This is great for temperature control.

It also has antibacterial properties and helps with odor control when you work up a sweat.

The UV resistant properties are great for sun protection.

This fabric is chemical free and is luxuriously soft.

The properties of bamboo fabric make it a perfect material for yoga clothing. There are many comfortable clothes made from bamboo fabric that also look great on you.

Bamboo itself is very eco-friendly. It doesn’t require fertilizer or pesticides and the plants mature in two years.

The process of using bamboo in clothes is also eco-friendly. Bamboo is the perfect material for soft, comfortable workout wear.

2. Comfortable Organic Cotton

The king of all soft comfortable fabrics is cotton. Not many people will deny the comfort level of a well-worn cotton shirt.

The nice thing about organic cotton is that the cotton isn’t treated with pesticides and harmful chemicals. The growing and production are more environmentally friendly.

Organic cotton is hypoallergenic, chemical free, and safer to wear and produce.

3. Durable Hemp Fabric

The versatile nature of hemp is no secret. It’s hard to go anywhere without hearing about a new product or benefit from hemp or a hemp derivative.

Fabrics made of hemp are similar to cotton in that they grow softer and more comfortable with each wash.

These fabrics are also naturally antimicrobial, breathable, and durable.

With the popularity of CBD oil and other hemp products, there is a lot of hemp being grown.

Hemp requires no pesticides to grow, uses less water than cotton, and is eco-friendly.

4. Warm Insulating Wool

You can’t go wrong with a pair of wool socks or a wool sweater when it comes to staying warm and warding off the cold.

Wool is a natural temperature regulator. Wool comes from the hair of sheep which is naturally designed to regulate their body temperature. It does the same thing for us when it is spun into wool.

The wool naturally removes moisture and insulates making it the perfect natural material for warmth and comfort.

5. Luxurious Cashmere

When you want the softest wool of all, you want wool made from the fine undercoat of a cashmere goat. This natural fiber is soft, warm, and has a natural give.

It is luxuriously comfortable and equally expensive.

Because of the high moisture content of the wool, it adapts to the temperature of the skin.

Wearing cashmere can be like snuggling up and getting a hug.

Natural fabrics are better for the environment and better for your overall health. They also have natural abilities to regulate temperature and create ultimate comfort.

When choosing your clothing, look for natural fibers. They can keep you healthier as they regulate body temperature and are less irritable on the skin.

But what’s more important, natural fabrics can also have a better impact on the environment.

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