Natural Energy Sources That Keep Us From Drinking Coffee

Natural Energy Sources That Keep Us From Drinking Coffee

I admit it, any morning without my cup of coffee is bound to make me want to start world war III. Lucky for all of us, I have a store nearby where I can get coffee at any time of the day if I run out of coffee grounds at home. But I also know that coffee, despite being a natural energy source, should not be consumed in exaggerated quantities (like I do). So let’s have a look at a few other natural energy sources that can keep us from drinking coffee all day every day.

Natural Energy Sources Instead Of Coffee

1. Green Tea

Containing less than a quarter of the caffeine found in coffee, green tea is an excellent natural energy source. You can try substituting your morning cup of joe with this healthy drink- especially since it has antioxidants which help the immune system.

2. Bananas

If you want a natural energy source that doesn’t take long to cook or brew (in fact, it doesn’t take any time at all) then bananas are your new best friends. They are easy to pack with you for a post-lunch treat, and the fact that they are high in carbohydrates helps them be an excellent source of energy. They are even recommended to runners who want to exercise in the morning, as it’s a powerful energy boost, and at the same time it’s not a huge breakfast that makes you feel sluggish or that hinders your running.

3. Nuts And Honey Mix

This is an incredibly healthy and satisfying sweet treat that not only soothes the soul, but also give you a little boost of energy at any time of the day. Simply mix your favorite nuts with some honey, and store it in a jar (ideally in the fridge). The honey is a natural energy source and its sweetness helps you stay awake without making you hyperactive like coffee, and the nuts contain a lot of protein which means that the energy (from the honey AND the nuts) is released gradually, and you don’t get a “sugar spike” in your blood stream making you go crazy for half an hour, and then crash in a sleepy state for the rest of the day.

4. Coconut Water

If you are bored with simple water, you can make it a bit special by adding coconut water to it, or by drinking coconut water all by itself. It is not only a natural energy source but also a source of electrolytes, which are well known to help those who work out with their recovery. Most sports drinks contain electrolytes (yaaay!) but also a lot of sugar and unhealthy chemicals (booo!). So if you are looking for an alternative sports drink, coconut water is for you.

How do you stay active all day long without overdosing on coffee? Share your natural energy sources with us in the comments section below so we can all stay fit and active together.

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