The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Fitness Equipment: Your Bike

The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Fitness Equipment: Your Bike

We’ve got a little obsession with things that have more than one purpose and, in fitness terms, there is nothing more proficient at this than your ultimate multi-purpose fitness equipment.

Cycling is one of those activities that is good for your body, mind, and soul. But the benefits of cycling go above and beyond just physical well-being, as you will find out by reading our top reasons to get on your bike.

Your Multi-Purpose Fitness Equipment

Here are 6 reasons you should never ditch this multi-purpose fitness equipment:

1. When It Comes To Weight Loss

There really isn’t anywhere else to look other than cycling because the average cyclist burns around 600 calories an hour. But riding your bike for just fifteen minutes a day can have a huge impact on your health and fitness and body.

What’s more, you can also increase or decrease the impact  by upping the intensity you decide to go with.

2. Great Legs And Butt

This multi-purpose fitness equipment works your quads, hamstrings, calves, and glutes, all of which get toned the more you do it. What’s more, you have control over the outcome of this toning.

By cycling in a higher gear you are going to build muscle and thus get those gains you want, whereas if you cycle at a higher intensity but in a lower gear you will lose weight and tone up. Either way, your legs and butt will look great.

3. Whatever The Weather

While the health benefits of cycling are undeniable, a lot of people don’t get into it because they are fair-weather riders. But it is 2017 now and that means there are gadgets and gizmos that allow you to bring your road bike inside.

Just check this article out on how to pick the best stationary bike stand from and voila, you can work on your technique, your endurance or just keep up your weight loss aims. Come rain or shine you can keep peddling.

4. Easier On Your Body Than Running

Running can really start to take its toll on the body, especially on your legs, ankles, and knees. This is where cycling wins.

It is just far lower impact and it engages the muscles used in your legs with less force coming down on your joints.

This makes it a fantastic option for those recovering from injury or those that suffer from shin splints. It is just a smoother and lower-risk form of cardiovascular exercise.

5. It Is A Legitimate Form Of Transport

For so many people, exercise doesn’t get a look in because they can’t find the time to do it. That’s where cycling laughs in your face because it is not just a great way of getting fit, it also offers you the chance to get from A to B.

It is just a great mode of transport. Let’s say you live in a built-up area, it could also be a far quicker means of getting about.

We said it was a multi-purpose tool and there is no better demonstration that getting to and from work while burning calories and quicker than you would in a car or on the subway.

6. No One Wants To Be Stressed

It is a well-known fact that exercise is a great way of reducing stress, which is because exercise releases endorphins that do away with such horrors.

Well, cycling plays right into the hands of this idea and, if we use the commuting idea again, whereby commuters that drive or take public transport report far higher stress levels, you have yet another amazing purpose to add to the bike’s repertoire.

So, your multi-purpose fitness equipment can be used for exercising, destress, transport and weight loss. It’s time to get your bike back on your daily schedule!

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