Motivation And Determination To Keep Pushing

Motivation And Determination To Keep Pushing

Motivation To Work Out

Motivation is the make or break component for people to staying on track regarding anything goal related. Here are a few strategies to start with:

Goal setting can be a great motivator and get you on track. Set a realistic goal and create a game plan to achieve. When you have small, daily steps it will be more feasible for you to accomplish.

Find a good workout partner or a qualified coach. Accountability will keep you on track and motivated. A good workout partner will call you, text you and stay on you to reach your goals. A good fitness coach will do the same but will also devise a smart plan for you to follow.

Look at what is going in your brain regarding music, TV, news, books and your network. I encourage people to live in a tight bubble of inspiration. Be cautious to what you allow in the bubble as it can affect your motivation, your performance and your ability to live at high levels. Find motivating videos, books and stories. Surround yourself with motivating people who are also on their own journey.

When you feel a little discouraged, take a few deep breaths and reach deep within yourself to find that motivation and determination to keep pushing. We all have it. It’s just a matter of finding that will power to reach your true potential!

Portion Control And Overeating

Table Push-Aways“. This is the best “exercise” to help with food cravings. You simply push away the plate at the table. Use for a few days so you are aware of how many calories you do need and stick to your personal guidelines. At the end of the day, if you are coming close to your max calories, discipline is needed to shut it down the rest of the night.

Drink water, eat lower calorie foods and stick to your plan. Another tip is to eat till you are satisfied not until you are full. For a simple way to measure of how much you should be eating:

  • Protein: Deck of Cards;
  • Carbohydrates like pasta, rice and quinoa: size of your fist;
  • Vegetables: Five servings;
  • Fruit: Four servings;
  • Processed sugars and sweets: No more than 1 serving a day.

How To Get Rid Of Lower Abdominal Fat?

If I had to choose the single best component, I would say to clean up your nutrition. “Exercise is one step forward, bad eating is two steps back.” You can do all the exercise you want but if your diet is not supporting your goal to get lean and drop “belly fat” then you will just get frustrated.

The leaner you want to become, the leaner you must eat. Lean proteins, vegetables, healthy fats, fruit when your active and limited processed sugars and alcohol. For most people, it’s their nutrition that stops their progress so focus on this aspect and you will see results.

Source: Visalia Times-Delta

Motivation And Determination

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