Manly Exercises That Women Should Do

Manly Exercises That Women Should Do

13. Tire Pull and Flip

What is more manly than huge tires? Pick one that is between 150 and 400 pounds (your gym might have some). Then find various ways of lugging that bad boy around to work out your body. Pull it around by attached chains/ropes and handles to work out your arms and legs. Squat down and flip it across the yard to get a nearly full body workout!

Tire Pull and Flip

14. Sledgehammer

It may seem nuts to exercise with a sledgehammer but it is a great way to use a very manly tool to get a great workout and work out some frustrations all at the same time! Simply whack away at that old tire with a sledgehammer to work out your arms, shoulders and core.


15. Kettlebell Leg Raise

Kettlebell leg raises will work out your hip flexors, quads and shins better than any machine will. Simply hook your foot through a kettlebell of appropriate weight and slowly lift your leg in front of you and then to the side.

Kettlebell Leg Raise

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