Manly Exercises That Women Should Do

Manly Exercises That Women Should Do

10. Ropes

Working out with heavy ropes is a fairly new trend that is mostly done by men but women can benefit from them as well! Your gym might have a set of these ropes already hooked up for use but if not you can make your own by hooking two heavy ropes to something stable in your backyard. Then simply grab a rope in each hand and whip them up and down as fast as you can, either in time with each other or opposite. This not only gives you a good nontraditional cardio workout but tones your arms, shoulders and core.


11. Overhead Carry

Men are often trying to show off how much they can lift and carry and it turns out they are actually onto something! It is actually a good way to work out your shoulders and core. So lift a heavy weight, whether it is a dumbbell or plate weight and hold it straight up over your head and walk a few laps around the gym.

Overhead Carry

12. Bench Press

The bench press is the ultimate man exercise to show off how much they can lift. Women can benefit from thischest muscle building exercise as well. This one is pretty easy but don’t be afraid to ask for help in the form of a spotter, especially if you’re going to load up with some heavy weights as it can be dangerous. Simply lift the bar up and lower it until it reaches 90 degrees or hits your chest. Then lift and repeat.



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