Five Smart Ways To Make Brushing Fun For Kids

Five Smart Ways To Make Brushing Fun For Kids

Brushing teeth might seem like a chore for kids, so you, as a parent, need to make brushing fun for them. Here’s how to achieve just that.

Most parents work hard and go through tough times for the sake of their kids. They want them to be responsible adults.

Your kids’ health matters, and as a parent, you should be concerned about their dental health as well.

It’s understandable that putting them in bed and waking them up in the morning can be stressful, but never forget to ask them to brush their teeth. Sometimes, they don’t want to, and you have to encourage them to take care of their teeth.

Five Smart Ways To Make Brushing Fun For Kids

Kids brushing their teeth.

How To Make Brushing Fun For Your Kids?

So, let’s explore five ways to make brushing fun for kids.

1. As A Parent, Be A Role Model

When you hear someone saying she took after her mother, or he took after his daddy, do you stop and wonder that your child has been doing what you do?

Well, just like monkeys do what other monkeys do (no pun intended), your kids mimic and copy your behavior.

So, if you mistreat your kid, you might be raising the next serial killer. After all, most of them have actually come from violent homes.

You can teach your kids good things like brushing their teeth thoroughly and brush with them daily for them to develop healthy teeth and gums.

2. Go Out On Shopping Together

If your kids love going to places with you, take them to the mall and shop some dental supplies such as toothpaste and new toothbrushes together.

As they have fun going out with you, they learn how much you care about their dental health and the importance of brushing their teeth frequently.

Make sure they are the ones picking the supplies. According to pediatric dentist San Diego, toothpaste comes in different colors and flavors. Influence your child to make a different decision from the last time.

3. Let Them Choose Their Brushes

After three months have gone by and your kids have to choose their brushes once again, let them pick their favorites.

Today, there are a variety of kid brushes to choose from. Some are of cartoon and superhero characters while others are the shape of animals like dinosaurs or penguins.

Both manual and electric toothbrushes are effective.

As a parent, ensure that their toothbrushes have soft bristles, and if your child is under six years, always do a follow-up.

In today’s world, your children can have smartphones too. Install some motivational apps so that they can encourage them to brush regularly and correctively.

4. Reward Your Kids

Tell your kids that if they brush their teeth twice a day throughout the year, Santa will pass by. On Boxing Day, make sure there are some gifts for them signed “From Santa.”

A reward system can motivate your kids to brush their teeth. There are many things you can give to your kids including new toothbrushes.

Challenge them to brush their teeth so that they can have special treatment.

For instance, you can tell your son that he will only play his favorite video game or catch the next Spongebob show after he brushes his teeth.

For your daughter, encourage her to brush her teeth because her teddy bear wants her to.

5. Make The Wash Basin Fun For Them

When you give your kids the opportunity to do what they wish, they feel independent.

You can start by making the wash basin feel like theirs. Put some child-related paraphernalia such as minty sponges, candy-like soaps, and colorful items like toothbrush holders, and soap dishes.

Such toiletries give your kids a feeling of ownership, and they are motivated to take out their brushes, push some little toothpaste on them, put it in their mouth, and start brushing. The tumblers they use to clean the paste from their mouths should be colorful as well.

You can make brushing fun and ensure that your kids have good oral hygiene, but don’t forget to take them for regular dental checkups at least once every six months. Checkups are essential in helping their teeth and gums stay healthy always.

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