5 Easy-To-Make Low-Calorie Turkey Recipes

5 Easy-To-Make Low-Calorie Turkey Recipes

If you are trying to add some easy but healthy and low-calorie recipes to your weekly meals rotation, look no further. These nutritious turkey recipes are quick and simple and light in calories.

Turkey is a wonderful white meat that has many nutritional benefits. It has more protein than any other meat, it is lean and loaded with minerals like iron and zinc.

That is why turkey is featured in so many low-calorie recipes.

5 Low-Calorie Turkey Recipes

Here is a selection with our favorite turkey recipes that are low in calories:

1. Turkey Noodle Soup

This is a recipe for a stress-free homemade turkey noodle soup.

It is my favorite way to use up the turkey leftovers from Thanksgiving and Christmas. And it is perfectly fitting for colder winter months.

It is hearty, filling and delicious. Everything you ever want your soup to be.

The recipe is simplified by using store-bought chicken broth and leftover turkey. So it only takes a short breezy time to put it all together.

It is a definite win when you can have a cozy nutritious soup in your bowl without an extensive effort of making your own broth.

Your kids will love this very easy weeknight-friendly turkey soup!

It is a great soup to make when you feel a little bit under the weather and want something soothing and comforting.

2. Turkey Rice Pilaf

Turkey is a great compliment to starches like rice. I love this recipe for the turkey rice pilaf.

It is done all in one pot in a breezy time. And the best part you can use either ground turkey or the leftover turkey.

You can add your favorite vegetables to boost the nutrition and herbs to pack a powerful flavor punch.

3. Turkey Stuffed Peppers

The turkey stuffed peppers are extraordinary.

Stuffed with lean ground turkey and wholesome brown rice they are a powerhouse of flavors, textured and taste!

With a little melty cheese added on top, they are heavenly.

Serve them with a side salad for an irresistible, low-calorie turkey recipe.

4. Turkey Ham And Corn Chowder

This reduced calorie turkey ham and corn chowder calls for skim milk instead of cream.

It is super tasty, cozy and soothing all for 233 calories per serving! You just can’t beat that and you will never feel like you are missing out.

Turkey ham is flavorful and savory. A perfect compliment to sweet corn and comforting potatoes.

5. Greek Turkey Pitas

These are a fun and healthy spin on your traditional dish with lamb.

They are loaded with mighty and delicious Greek flavors like olives, cucumbers, feta cheese, and peppers.

Greek yogurt binds everything together with added protein as a bonus and way fewer calories than mayonnaise. Serve it with a side of cucumber salad and enjoy!

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