Top 3 Causes And Solutions For Love Handles

Top 3 Causes And Solutions For Love Handles

The trending topic for today is how to get rid of love handles, and that is actually the second question that any overweight people will ask. The first one is how to get rid of belly fat, of course.

We’ll discuss the causes why you have love handles and how to treat each issue in order to finally erase those unaesthetic fat tissues.

Love Handles

How to get rid of love handles?

Why Do I Have Love Handles?

Today I’m gonna tell you the 3 causes of your love handles and what they might be telling you.

I wanna start by saying that exercise is not the only thing that you can do to minimize your love handles. Many people go automatically to crunches, sit-ups, and all that stuff to cure love handles.

That is definitely not going to work if you’re not on a diet too.

1. Excess Body Fat

The first thing that may be causing your love handles is excess body fat. If you have a body fat percentage of over let’s say 25-26% and you just started your workout program and diet about a month or two ago and it’s not going away yet, just give it time.

The way to get rid of those love handles is the good old diet+exercise. You’ve been accumulating these toxins and body fat for years, so it’s gonna take a little bit of time to get your body back to normal.

In the meantime you need to be patient, keep going and keep doing your lean diet and your workout.

2. Estrogen Dominance

You have probably had estrogen dominance at one point in your life, and if you haven’t you are very lucky. But estrogen dominance could very well be the cause of your love handles.

I’ve got a message that said something like she’s a size 4 and she’s tiny overall but she still has these love handles and this little belly that’s bugging her.

This is something that’s actually very common. If you’re overall pretty healthy, you follow a diet, exercising pretty hard, but you still have love handles that bother you, then you might be experiencing estrogen dominance.

If you have more estrogen than progesterone or if you have more bad estrogen than good estrogen, that means you have estrogen dominance.

You may have estrogen dominance because your body is just like that and you naturally produce too much estrogen, or it could be the stuff that you’re eating, the stuff that you’re putting on your skin or the stuff that’s surrounding your environment like:

  • cleansers;
  • bleach;
  • toxic chemicals and pesticides on your fruits and vegetables;
  • the plastic bottles you use to drink your water from.

Also, birth control is a major cause of estrogen dominance. I am not telling you to stop taking your birth control, but taking hormone pills that have estrogen in them can definitively cause an excess of estrogen.

It is impossible to avoid all of these chemicals and everything, it would be like living in a bubble. But what you can do, is just basically to take control by making little changes here and there like:

  • use organic cleansers in your home;
  • use organic stuff on your skin;
  • eat organic foods and vegetables.

3. Muscular Imbalance

A lot of people have a desk job and just sitting all day long. Their hamstrings are stretched and weakened, their glutes and abs are weakened.

This causes something called anterior pelvic tilt which looks something like this:

Anterior Pelvic Tilt

If you have this anterior pelvic tilt, I recommend you to do to 2 exercises to correct this imbalance: plank and bridges. Avoid doing things like crunches or other exercises that will tight in your hip flexors.

Keep in mind that you might have all 3 of these love handles causes. So basically it wouldn’t hurt anybody to do all the solutions to all these issues.

1. Keep a nice, clean diet with organic foods free of pesticides.

2. Keep your skin care clean and natural.

3. Perform these 2 strengthening exercises to help correct any muscular imbalances.

I know this is not exactly what you wanted to hear. You wanted to see some crunches or some sit-ups or something that will magically erase your love handles.

But I don’t want to give you a little bandage for your issue and I must tell you that crunches will help only if you’re below 18% body fat and you don’t have any hormonal issues.

I hope you learned something new today, and hopefully, this article has helped put you on the right path towards getting rid of those love handles. Stay fit!

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