Can You Lose 138 Pounds Like Rebecca Johnson?

There are people that motivate themselves, like Rebecca who managed to lose 138 pounds, and there are people like us, who need outer motivation to succeed in weight loss. What is more inspirational than seeing people going from overweight, unmotivated and unhealthy to healthy, fit and toned?

Celebrate Small Victories To Lose 138 Pounds

This is the story of Rebecca Johnson, from Woodbridge, Virginia. Rebecca started her weight loss journey six years ago, and since then, she was able to lose 138 pounds, almost half of her body weight back than.

The trigger that made her think about losing weight was an old photo of her mother, who was obese and was moving around in a wheelchair. The fear of being in her mother’s situation made Rebecca to take control over her weight.

You can find your motivation in things like photos, clothes or everywhere else around you, just never stop looking for motivation!

What Was Her Weight Loss Secret?

When you’re a 251-pound women, it’s really hard to lose weight, but it’s something doable. So her first step was to walk around her neighborhood for about a half an hour per day. It wasn’t the fastest way to lose 138 pounds, but walking was something she really enjoyed to do.

As she lost weight, Rebecca realized shopping was fun again. After every 10 pounds lost, she treated herself with a new pair of jeans or a chic pair of shoes. And these rewards made her want more and more every time.

Celebrate every small victory with something you really enjoy, like buying new clothes, going to the spa, or maybe even going in a trip. You deserve it!

After you lose 138 pounds, your main concern is to maintain the healthy weight. Rebecca’s workout program these days consists in just 30 minutes of treadmill run, 5 times a week. And she’s feeling way much better than she did in her 20s.

To live a healthy life, you don’t need more than 30 minutes of walking per day… and a proper, healthy diet. Weight Watchers’ point system helped Rebecca to get rid of processed foods and to substitute them with healthier options.

If you’re not sure what strategy to pick on to lose weight fast, here is a great diet for you. Stay fit!

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