Lose 113 Pounds Like Tallena Johnson Did By Walking

Lose 113 Pounds Like Tallena Johnson Did By Walking

Getting motivated is not easy at all, in fact it’s the hardest part of losing weight, gaining muscles or making a big change in your life. To inspire you in your weight loss journey, here is the story of a women who managed to lose 113 pounds.

How To Lose 113 Pounds

Tallena Johnson from Fremont, California had a small “secret” that helped her to lose 113 pounds, and that was to add just one minute a day to your walk. It was nothing extraordinary, nothing you can’t do. And yes, it’s that simple!

Tallena walked in stores and restaurants with her head down to avoid eye contact with the people that were staring at her. Also, the heart attack suffered by her mother had a big impact on her lifestyle. Body shaming and fear for heart attack were the main causes Tallena started to lose weight back in 2012, when she was 250 pounds.

Tallena joined a gym and set her mind to burn at least 50 pounds in one year, which is a very realistic goal. At first, it was really hard to run 10 minutes on treadmill, but after 20 days she was able to run 30 minutes straight. She added just one minute to her workout every day and the pounds were consistently dropping.

At the beginning of her fitness journey people were staring at her overweight body, but now Tallena is turning heads in the good way. She radiate positivity and holds her head up high with more self confidence. She truly is another women, and the below picture is the proof.

Another change she made for a healthy lifestyle was to replace soda with plain water. Also, Tallena is now eating 6 small meals a day to avoid binge eating. So just to recap, here is what she did, and what you should do if you want to lose 113 pounds, more or less:

  1. Add one minute to your workout every day.
  2. Replace all soda drinks with water.
  3. Eat 5-6 small meals per day.

Along with these tips you should implement a healthy diet with all-natural foods in order to lose 113 pounds, like she did. So start your fitness journey today, because today is the perfect day to start a healthy and radiant life. Stay fit!

Lose 113 Pounds With Tallena Johnson

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Great work!!!