Looking To Bulk Up This Summer? Don’t Skip This!

Men want the perfect body just as much as women do, am I right? We also have the same fears of a summer body and looking good in our swimwear and shorts. So how can we bulk up this summer and achieve the perfect dream body?

It’s simple. You need to focus your diet and fitness regime around achieving it. It’s about making a lifestyle choice because you can’t do it half-heartedly.

Tips To Bulk Up This Summer

Here is everything you need to know about bulking up this summer:

1. Eat The Right Foods For The Ultimate Body

One of the biggest misconceptions about bulking up is that you can eat whatever you want. It’s false and not something you should do. It’s more about eating the right foods than anything else. You want to fill your body out with lean muscles and not fat. So make sure you consider your diet.

When bulking up, you want to have at least 30% of the calories you eat as proteins. Adding Salmon, chicken thighs, and lean beef to your meal plans would be a great idea. They are a real healthy source of protein.

You do also need to consider the carbohydrates you eat and making sure they are the good kind for what you want to achieve. Things like Quinoa and rolled oats will be a great addition to your diet.

Don’t forget some of the healthy foods for your diet to help with bulking up. Things like avocado and coconut milk. All great sources of vitamins for a balanced diet.

Try and avoid drinking too much alcohol and avoid sugary foods.

2. Bulk Up On Weight Training

For building muscle, it is less about a cardio workout and more about weight training. A good level of fitness is important, but try and make your workouts more weight training focused, than running on a treadmill.

A good idea is to space your workouts throughout the week, allowing your body a day off between working out. This enables your muscles to relax and expand accordingly.

If you like to work out those days, then try and do some light cardio work. HIIT workouts are always a good one to consider.

3. Consider Taking Supplements To Achieve Your Goal

Sometimes our bodies need a little help to head in the right direction. This is where some supplements can help you out. You don’t need to consider taking something too heavy-handed.

There is some great information online and reading an online review could help you become more informed about your options.

4. It’s Okay To Be A Little Vain

Finally, don’t be ashamed to be proud of the body you have. You have worked hard to achieve it. So it’s okay to be a little vain. A fake tan could show off those muscles and is a much healthier way of getting a glow than staying out in the sun too long.

I hope this guide helps you to bulk up this summer and get the body you dream of. Remember it is more about changing your lifestyle than anything else.

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