5 Ways To Live Healthy Without Going Broke

5 Ways To Live Healthy Without Going Broke

If you want to live healthy but feel like your budget doesn’t allow you, don’t despair. These hacks will help you save some serious money.

Over the years, the notion that healthy living is expensive and impractical has risen to prominence in middle and lower class communities.

And though there’s some truth to this fact – i.e. greasy fast food is often faster and cheaper than a freshly cooked meal – it’s not a universal truth.

Being healthy doesn’t have to mean going broke.

5 Ways To Live Healthy Without Going Broke

You can literally pay less for living healthy.

How To Live Healthy On A Budget

The secret sauce to live healthy shouldn’t really be a mystery.

All you need to do is eat healthily, exercise regularly, proactively address underlying conditions, and get plenty of sleep. If you do these four things, your chances of living a long and healthy life will skyrocket.

The question is, how do you live healthy for less? Glad you asked…here are five suggestions designed just for you:

1. Shop The Right Way

The best piece of advice is to stop eating out and start cooking your own fresh meals. And as you begin doing this, be sure to shop smart. This may look like:

  • Shopping online, where you have the chance to look around for deals and see a running total of your purchase before finalizing the transaction.
  • Shopping from grocery stores that are known to offer lower cost products and healthy meats – such as Aldi.
  • Buying items that your family consumes regularly in bulk.

You will eat what is in your pantry and refrigerator. If you buy unhealthy food, it’ll tempt you. If you only buy healthy foods, you’ll have no other option but to eat what’s there.

Be smart with what you buy and how you buy it.

2. Meal Prep

People often complain that it’s difficult to cook healthy meals without spending a bunch of money on fresh ingredients. And while this can be true, there are ways around it.

One of the best ways to save is to prepare meals in advance using bulk recipes. Not only does this save you money (by allowing you to reduce waste), but it also saves you time.

Portion out and freeze anything you won’t eat within a couple of days. This gives you meals to pull from in the coming weeks.

3. Save On Medication

If you’re on any medication for a chronic condition, the costs can add up. Prescription prices in the United States have gone way up over the past decade, and some medications are quickly becoming unaffordable for lower and middle-class Americans.

To save money, you may consider shopping a Canadian pharmacy online. They allow Americans to purchase the same name-brand prescription medications and generic drugs in Canada and have them shipped to their doorsteps at just a fraction of the cost. You could potentially save hundreds of dollars a month by doing this.

4. Set Up An HSA

If you haven’t already, set up a health savings account (HSA). This is a tax-free savings account that lets you save money for medical expenses when you’re enrolled in a qualified high deductible health care plan (which millions of Americans are).

It can dramatically reduce your healthcare expenses in the form of big tax savings.

5. Cut The Gym Membership

The average gym membership costs roughly $60 per month, and 67 percent of memberships around the country go unused. In addition to this $60, many pay for extra classes and perks – which can easily exceed $100 per month.

While a regular exercise routine is essential to your everyday health, who says you need a gym membership?

By cutting the membership, you can save $700 or more per year. You can then put this money towards home workout equipment or start a more cost-effective activity like biking, jogging, or swimming.

If you feel like you absolutely need a gym membership to accomplish your fitness goals, shop around for deals. With local gyms, you may even have the opportunity to negotiate with the owner or salesperson.

Joining with a group – or using a membership club discount – could also lead to lower rates.

Take Charge Of Your Health

It’s easy to sit there and complain about all of the ways that it’s expensive to live healthy, but ruminating on these negative thoughts will only produce a bad attitude and lousy disposition. Instead, be willing to get creative.

As this article clearly shows, there are ample opportunities for staying healthy without going broke. Whether it’s rethinking your gym membership or finding clever ways to save on healthcare expenses, you have more chances than you realize. How will you respond?

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