Most Effective Ways To Whiten Your Teeth At Home

Most Effective Ways To Whiten Your Teeth At Home

If you’re constantly looking for healthy methods to whiten your teeth at home, here some effective home remedies for teeth whitening.

For radiant teeth, you may want to sway from commercial teeth whitening kits. The continuous use of them can eventually cause harm to your gums and the protective layer of your teeth.

While commercial kits are not harmful when used rarely, constant use is definitely not recommended.

Indulging in certain bad oral hygiene habits, such as drinking ample amounts of caffeine, tea, smoking cigarettes, and others can eventually leave unsightly yellowing stains on your teeth.

And while these hard to kick habits are a lot more common than you may believe, prolonged exposure to harmful foods paired with lack of proper oral hygiene standards can be devastating to the appearance of your once shining smile.

This is because cavities and broken teeth will be far more likely if you are not taking proper care of your teeth and gums.

Importance Of Dental Checkups

Far too many leave dental appointments until there is a painful problem. But ongoing checkups can help prevent these problems from emerging.

Even though there is some speculation surrounding certain dental procedures, such as root canals, it would be best to follow the expert advice of your professional dentist rather than be swayed by mere options.

When researching things such as “do root canals cause cancer?” it is best to take into account the opinion of your dentist before considering the opinions of non-professionals.

However, if you are on the hunt for the best methods of keeping your smile in top shape, the following natural methods of teeth whitening will prove beneficial to your oral hygiene goals.

How To Whiten Your Teeth At Home?

Here are four simple home remedies that you can use to whiten your teeth at home:

1. Apple Cider Vinegar And Lemon

The combination of apple cider vinegar and lemon has been used for several years as an effective method of safely whitening teeth and maximizing oral hygiene.

You will need only one-quarter tablespoon of lemon juice mixed with two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.

Once your mixture is ready, you should use it as a liquid applicant and proceed to brush your teeth for roughly two minutes before cleaning your mouth with water.

It is recommended to ensure your mouth has been rinsed thoroughly with water.

This method can be repeated weekly without the concern for any harmful side effects as the natural mixture is completely safe.

2. Charcoal Tooth Mask

Activated charcoal is not the best solution for teeth whitening when used to brush teeth. That’s because the abrasive texture can cause significant harm to the protective layer of your teeth.

However, you can take advantage of the effective teeth whitening components found in activated charcoal by using it as a tooth mask instead.

The charcoal will effectively lift yellow stains on teeth if left for roughly three minutes before rinsing your mouth thoroughly.

A tooth mask may not be the most comfortable teeth whitening solution. But it is definitely safer in comparison to commercial teeth whitening kits that can cause gum and tooth sensitivity.

3. Foods That Whiten Teeth

If you’re not entirely up for the act of plastering your teeth with vinegar or charcoal paste, you could consider including teeth whitening foods into your daily diet.

While you may not notice immediate results, certain fruits and vegetables are well-known for their ability to enhance oral hygiene and whiten teeth gradually.

The best foods to consider are apples, strawberries, and other fruits that have a high citric level.

Crunchy raw vegetables such as carrots will also be a great solution. And the gentle, yet natural abrasive texture of carrots will clean your teeth without causing harm.

Yogurt is another option to keep your oral hygiene routine optimal.

Using Teeth Whitening Kits Safely

Even though teeth whitening kits can cause harm, there are ways of using them without having to endure the pain of tooth and gum sensitivity that can lead to more serious oral health issues.

Even if you feel tempted to whiten your teeth with commercial methods weekly, the less you use these kits, the healthier your teeth will be. Therefore, you should exaggerate the recommendations on boxes and increase the period of time between uses by at least a week.

Opting for natural methods of teeth whitening will be far more beneficial for the health of your teeth and your gums despite these kits being frequently used by countless individuals.

When using these kits, you should also consider investing in high-quality toothpaste and gum protective applicants that will help reduce the possibility of potential damage.

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