How To Use Essential Oils In Your Daily Beauty Routine Safely?

How To Use Essential Oils In Your Daily Beauty Routine Safely?

You can safely use essential oils for your skin and beauty routine as long as the appropriate dosage and application methods are respected.

Essential oils are made with plant extracts and can help you improve your health in no time. They are safe, 100% natural, and contain minimal side effects.

If you blend them with carrier oils, they can be used in various ways without any risk of allergic reactions.

Among all the essential oils in use today, clary sage oil is most commonly used. However, you may also use lavender, oregano, and peppermint essential oil for the most benefits.

Whether you have depression, anxiety, or stress, Gyalabs Clary Sage oil for stress can help you deal with these conditions easily.

Other essential oils might be used for diverse reasons, including blood pressure issues, improved heart rate, and mood boosters.

You can also incorporate essential oils into your daily beauty routine to reap their beauty benefits. Here’s how to do that without leaving any room for skin complications.

How To Safely Use Essential Oils For Beauty

Here are six tried-and-tested tips to use essential oils safely and effectively:

1. Scout For The Best Ones According To Skin Type

Every skin type is different. While some people have a dry skin type, others may be sensitive or oily. That is why scouting for an essential oil that is customized as per your skin type is prudent.

Research suggests that Frankincense essential oil supports many skin types. Its ability to provide antimicrobial and astringent properties also makes it highly effective in terms of skin healing.

Other researchers suggest that even Sandalwood essential oil is highly beneficial for people with a combination skin type. The oil constitutes antiseptic properties that can quickly eliminate scars and wounds from the skin, making you look flawless as ever.

Apart from this, other sources also suggest promoting Ylang Ylang oil for its antibacterial properties that can treat several skin problems and infections.

Tea Tree essential oil is also well known for treating skin problems. It is believed that the essential oil can effectively combat acne breakouts due to the presence of anti-fungal properties in it. It can even help with severe acne problems like cystic acne breakouts.

2. Dilute The Oil In A Carrier Oil

Essential oils are quite safe for use. However, when used raw without blending in any other form of oil, it can cause allergic reactions and some side effects.

So, experts recommend diluting the oil in a carrier oil to mitigate this risk while you can.

Since essential oils are also very concentrated, this is the best way to secure your skin health when using these oils.

If you do not dilute the oil, you could also be exposed to skin burns due to the high concentrations of the essential oils. In such a case, please do not hesitate to consult a medical expert to mitigate any further health complications.

To dilute the essential oil in a carrier oil, you need to take a few drops of the oil and blend it with the carrier oil properly. Almond oil and Jojoba oil are some of the best essential oils for this purpose.

3. Conduct A Patch Test Without Fail

Although essential oils are generally safe for use, it is best to conduct a patch test before proper application. This helps reduce any risk of side effects and allergic reactions on time.

For this purpose, make sure you conduct the patch test on your feet or your body’s pulse points. These are less visible, so you can use some drops in these areas.

Leave the oil to work on the affected area for a day or two. If you do not find any negative symptoms, the patch test goes successful.

In turn, you can use the essential oil safely on your body. The skin’s reaction at this point will be reduced.

4. Prepare A Toner

Did you know that you can also use essential oils with your toner? All you need to do is mix your essential oil in your toner and see the effects by yourself.

This can help reduce inflammation on your skin and balance the acne-prone skin to a drastic extent.

However, we recommend you first speak to your healthcare provider before conducting this experiment yourself. This will make sure you remain on the safe side without any second guesses.

5. Use It On Your Hair

Did you know that you could also use essential oils on your hair for a wide range of benefits?

Essential oils like coconut and avocado can help significantly in improving the quality of your hair. They can leave your hair looking smooth, silky, and shiny in no time.

For this purpose, you can use a few drops of the essential oil every week on your hair. Tie your hair and have a sound sleep at night. Next morning, wake up, wash your hair and see the results yourself. It is bound to work!

6. Mist Your Face

A mist can be great for hydration in your everyday skincare routine. This is even more effective during the summers when your face can get rough, dull, and dry.

That is why using a face mist containing a few drops of essential oils is a great way to improve your skin quality.

You can use tea tree oil for this purpose that never fails to work wonders for your skin. Mix it with six ounces of water to get the effect you desire. Put the mixture in a spray bottle and start using it at your leisure.

Ending Note

You can also use essential oils as a mud mask. There are many other safe ways to use essential oils, so make sure you do not forget to include them in your skincare regime.

In no time, you will realize how they can improve your skin quality, make your hair shinier and heal skin infections you never thought you could get rid of.

So, purchase your favorite essential oil online instead of waiting around and grab the best benefits.

Remember how to use them properly so that you need not come across any skin complications later. Rest is good to go!

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