Can You Prevent Type 2 Diabetes Naturally?

Can You Prevent Type 2 Diabetes Naturally?

Looking to prevent type 2 diabetes? Reduce carbs and sugar intake, get in shape, hydrate properly, ditch cigarettes, and get more vitamin D.

Type 2 diabetes is characterized by obesity in most individuals diagnosed. But let’s understand what causes type 2 diabetes.

The pancreas produces a hormone called insulin, it acts like a precursor that lets blood sugar into your body cells to be used as energy.

If your cells do not respond to this, your pancreas will keep on sending blood sugar until it shoots up beyond the normal level. This is the start of prediabetes, which then may lead to type 2 diabetes.

Having a high measure of blood sugar can eventually lead to heart diseases or kidney disease.

Since blood sugar level has no physical symptoms, the only way to detect type 2 diabetes is through a blood sugar monitor. Therefore, it is important to prevent it rather than waiting for it to be diagnosed.

5 Tips That Help Prevent Type 2 Diabetes Naturally

Here are five simple ways on how you can naturally prevent type 2 diabetes:

1. Reduce Sugar And Carbs Intake

Cutting down on eating foods with highly refined sugar and carbs reduces blood sugar levels and insulin.

Shift to a low-carb diet, as this can help prevent and reverse type 2 diabetes naturally. Do this by limiting processed food or take away food because these types of food are known to have a high content of salt, fats, and carbohydrates.

2. Manage Your Weight

Involve in physical activities to lose weight. Exercise will aid in your body cells’ sensitivity to insulin. As you exercise, lower insulin is needed to maintain your blood sugar levels.

Several exercises recommended are aerobics, high-intensity workouts, and some strengthening physical exercises.

To maintain your weight, you need to exercise regularly and prevent onset staging of prediabetes and type 2 diabetes eventually.

3. Hydrate With Water

It is highly encouraged to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

Drinking water will prevent you from craving beverages that have high sugar and calorie content. When a person drinks more than two servings of a sugary beverage per day, will likely not prevent type 2 diabetes.

So water should be your primary beverage for better blood sugar and insulin levels.

4. Quit Smoking And Alcohol

Smokers are twice likely to develop diabetes, so if your lab results show high sugar levels, quit smoking.

Also, if you drink alcohol regularly, you might as well reduce alcohol intake as this can increase triglyceride levels as well as blood pressure too.

5. Optimize Vitamin D

It is known that vitamin D is essential in controlling blood sugar levels. In some studies, people who were taking vitamin D had lower risks of developing type 2 diabetes.

Vitamin D improved the production of insulin and blood sugar levels were maintained at normal levels.

As an individual, it is your responsibility to prevent type 2 diabetes. So start by reducing your risk of having prediabetes in the very first place.

Having a healthy and balanced diet plus a disciplined lifestyle behavior will surely give you a higher chance of having good insulin hormone production, a normal blood sugar count, and a lower chance of getting diabetes.

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