Lost Your Motivation To Exercise? Here’s How To Get It Back!

Exercising is a great way to boost your energy, stay in shape, and help your mind to feel good. But when you lose your motivation, how do you get it back?

It isn’t always easy staying motivated to exercise though as many things can get in the way, especially whilst in lockdown.

So let’s take a look over the small but meaningful things you can do to regain motivation to reach your fitness goals.

How To Get Your Motivation Back

Here are a few ways to get your motivation back and keep moving!

1. Take It Easy

When you’re aiming to get back into a workout routine it’s important that you take it slow and steady.

Going into something headfirst at an ability level that you might not have worked at for a while could result in injury or strain.

Be careful and listen to your body. If something feels like it’s too much and your legs start to buckle or your muscles shake, stop what you’re doing a reassess it.

It could be that you’re lifting incorrectly, you’ve done too much this session, or you’re lifting above your weight capacity.

Take it steady and be consistent, then you will reach your weightlifting goals at a time that is safe and right for you.

2. Be Consistent

Exercising little and often is better than a huge workout once a week. If you keep your body moving, you’ll find that the process becomes much easier, and you’ll be able to tackle more as the sessions go on.

Whether you’re running 10k or going for a stroll around the park, having regular training sessions will keep you motivated for the next challenge.

Aim to keep your sessions around the same time each day you work out. This will condition your body to associate a certain time of day with exercising.

Having a routine will not only help you to remember to exercise frequently but will also give your day structure and a sense of achievement.

3. Rest

Remember to allow yourself time to rest in between sessions. Resting allows the muscles to repair and become stronger, thus making your workouts more worthwhile.

Don’t leave such a big gap between sessions that it’s a chore to get back into your routine, but instead try a “two days on, one day off” approach, or do a lighter workout instead.

If you don’t rest, you’ll become burnt out and this can lead to mistakes during your exercise sessions, which can ultimately lead to injury caused by fatigue.

4. Heal Your Injuries

If you do become injured, ensure that you give your body enough time to heal before getting back into your exercise routine.

An injury that hasn’t healed properly can cause more problems down the line and can lead to long-term damage if you’re not careful.

To avoid injury, make sure that you are doing warm-ups and cool-downs before and after each session, and that you are taking care of your muscles.

Some injuries can be rectified with a sports massage or failing that, medical help.

It’s important that you go to a reputable and trustworthy doctor or masseuse to avoid being subject to any medical negligence, which can cause the healing process to take much longer if incorrectly diagnosed or treated.

5. Never Give Up!

If you truly believe in something, be it your desire to get fit or just to exercise every morning, hold onto it and never give it up.

And this piece of advice is valid for everything you do in your life, not just for your fitness goals. Never give up your dreams!

Wake up every morning and start your workout or your 5k run, whether you’re in the mood or not. In time, this will become a habit and you won’t miss it regardless of the situation.

In order to get your motivation back and reach your fitness goal, you need to start easy, be consistent, rest along the journey, and never give up.

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