Master Your Lower Abdominals To Get The V Abs

Master Your Lower Abdominals To Get The V Abs

Put your core at work with these lower abdominal exercises that will torch the mid-section fat and reveal those enviable V abs.

Bringing your abs “into the light” and burning all that fat that covers them through an intense workout routine and an easy-to-follow diet it’s not an easy task.

In fact, it’s not easy even for those genetically predisposed to a fit physique.

Now, how do you step up your game even further and master your lower abdominal muscles to get those sexy V abs?

Exercises For V Abs

Here is a three-day per week workout routine to sculpt your lower abdominals and obliques. The result should be those V-cuts on your lower abs that women like to refer to as “sex lines”.

Here are the only 3 exercises you need to perform to get V abs:

1. TRX Suspended Crunches

Sets: 5.
Reps: 12-15 reps per each set.

1. Get into a push-up position with the TRX at mid-calf length.

2. Contracting your lower abs, pull your knees towards your chest, while keeping your back straight.

3. Hold the contraction for a second and return to the start position.

TRX Suspended Crunch for V Abs

2. Decline Russian Twist

Sets: 5.
Reps: 12 reps per set, 6 reps per each side.

1. Lie on a decline bench with your hands by your side.

2. Lift your head and shoulders off the bench touching your knee with the opposite shoulder.

3. Return to the start position and repeat on both sides.

Decline Russian Twist for V Abs

3. Hanging Leg Raises

Sets: 5.
Reps: 12-15 reps per each set.

1. Hang straight from a chin-up bar.

2. Inhale while raising your knees as high as possible. Make sure to move your knees to your chest by shortening your torso.

3. Exhale while you lower your legs down.

Hanging Leg Raises for V Abs

That’s it! Not so hard, right? Just stick to this program a few months and the results will speak for themselves. If you enjoyed these 3 simple moves to get V abs, you might also enjoy these 2 articles:

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Please share this article with your friends and save it on your New Year’s resolution list. If you don’t have a list yet, you definitely should start writing one down. Stay fit!

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