Holistic Recovery In The Fight Against Addiction

Holistic Recovery In The Fight Against Addiction

Being an addict or having an addict in your family is quite an unpleasant situation. But did you consider holistic recovery methods for help?

Traditional ways of curing addiction are running out of steam nowadays. People need to get a healthy member of society as a result of treatment.

If a decade ago people did not have trust in alternative medicine, now they seek for it, because they understand that only traditional methods are not able to cope with the wide range of problems that addiction causes.

As you have already understood, the holistic approach is beyond the scope of traditional addiction treatment with the help of medicines and psychological help.

Holistic Recovery

What actually is the holistic treatment of addiction? Doctors who practice this approach say that the restoration to health and strength means not only physical recovery but also fresh mind and spirit.

That is the main reason why the holistic approach involves different practices of not traditional medicine and methods of comforting and relaxation.

Holistic treatment is a way of fighting against addiction with the help of all possible methods to make you happy and healthy again.

Holistic addiction treatment centers work with patients in different countries, states, and cities.

Doctors develop different recovery programs, but in most cases redesign them for individual needs of the certain patient. There exist different kinds of holistic alcohol and drug rehab (more info here).

Holistic Recovery Methods

Which not-so-traditional methods does holistic approach use for your speedy recovery? Here they are:

1. Reiki

This is energy healing; it makes the patient feel free and relaxed. Doctors move the energy of the universe within your body and, at the same time, fix your emotions and thoughts. As a result, they believe, you are more able to fight your addiction.

Usually, the procedure is conducted with just palms, and the method is mostly called palm healing. Doctors beyond the holistic rehabilitation centers call pseudoscience. Either they are right, or wrong, nobody can contradict the placebo effect.

2. Massage

Massage is the way to relax and release endorphins into the blood. It is both pleasant and useful method of treating addiction.

All of us know that if we massage special parts of the body, we may cure certain organs or influence some emotional problems.

Some companies provide massage of specific zones for their workers to reduce stress. It works the same way with addicts.

3. Detox

Diet and herbal therapy, which may be used to detox your body. The proverb says “We are what we eat” and different researches already proved it.

In the modern world, even if you are nor addicted, it is quite popular to follow certain diets or eutrophy.

Probably, one-day dieting would become a traditional method of curing different kinds of diseases, but first, we need some more researches, most of which really are time-consuming.

The evidence that we have now show that proper nutrients help repairing the body and herbal remedies can help to cleanse toxins from your organism, decrease inflammation level, and make the circulation better.

4. Breathing

Eastern (primarily Chinese) breathing practices and martial arts. Experts use them in holistic recovery programs to relax and develop moderate attentiveness and a high degree of discipline (e.g., Qigong, Tai chi, yoga, etc.).

5. Exercise

In continuation of eastern methods, such sports activities as fitness, Pilates, stretching are also widely used in holistic addiction treatment centers.

The general knowledge about the effect of becoming happier while exercising is the very first ground of using these practices in treating addictions, especially those grounded on mental disorders.

When we are exercising, we activate certain parts of brains, and our body produces different hormones, which help us feel more confident, happier, and coherent (as a person).

Not only addicted people noted that exercising helps them to find a balance in life.

The other reason is that any sports activity develops the ability to control yourself in different situations, which is of uttermost importance for ex-addicted people.

6. Biofeedback And Neurofeedback

The other interesting methods are not connected with physical activities, but with a body functions controlling technique. They are biofeedback and neurofeedback.

These methods aim to teach you to regulate yourself. Doctors usually use electroencephalography or some devices, which show your brain activity in real time and help with reducing the drug withdrawal symptoms.

7. Hypnosis

Guided imagery is the use of hypnosis as a therapeutic technique, used to improve the emotional state of the patient by visualizing.

Specialists who use this technique in holistic rehabilitation centers say that it helps to reduce the level of stress, anxiety, insomnia, and even pain.

Surely, these are not the only methods, which patient gets during holistic rehabilitation, but they are quite common and, they say, effective.

For more information, you may google the holistic recovery programs of different alcohol and drug rehab centers.

Advantages Of Holistic Recovery

What are the actual advantages of implementing holistic recovery programs in the process of alcohol and drug rehabilitation?

People who participate in such programs usually are sensitive and vulnerable to all possible irritants. That’s why it is essential to give them the feeling of security and acceptance of society back.

It is better to involve the patient in social events even during participating in holistic recovery programs, but indeed, it depends on the severity of the addiction stage.

1. You’re Not A Patient

The first and the most evident benefit is that the patient does not feel the pressure of being a patient, even if he participates in the inpatient holistic rehab program.

The patient feels the development, especially if he/she can show his/her worth in different arts (e.g., martial arts, pictural art, music, swimming, etc.).

2. It’s Personal

The patient feels care of others because holistic addiction treatment centers use a more or less personal approach to each patient.

They may have a general recovery program, but it usually is open and flexible for changes depending on the individual needs of the particular patient.

3. Promotes Healthy Living

Following the rules of a healthy lifestyle may become difficult for those who were treated only with traditional methods.

But holistic recovery programs not only help to overcome the addiction, but also make you acquainted with the main principles of dieting, sport, and other activities needed for the healthy lifestyle.

Developing different habits during holistic recovery programs eases adhering to the habit after a rehab program.

4. Sets You Free

The last on our list, but not least in meaning, is that holistic alcohol and drug rehab programs try to develop skills for dealing with problems and to teach not to hide sorrow and emotional pain in drinking or using drugs.

This means that during the recovery program, a holistic approach allows eliminating the inner problems and complexes, which cause dissatisfaction with yourself and shyness, while these mental problems usually lay in the grounds of being addicted.

Hopefully, these methods and advantages of holistic recovery made you consider getting the help you or a loved one might need. Remember, it’s never too late to ask for help!

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