The Surprising Health Benefits Of Berries Infographic

The Surprising Health Benefits Of Berries Infographic

They may be little, but acai, blackberries, blueberries, cranberries, raspberries and strawberries are packed with lots of beneficial effects on health. Actually, the health benefits of berries can help prevent and fight some severe diseases such as type II diabetes and cancer.

Berries are delicious treats when trying to lose weight. Their low caloric index and high content of anti-oxidants help speed up the weight loss process by torching the stubborn belly fat.

Health Benefits Of Berries

You might be eating different kinds of berries from time to time, but didn’t know their incredible health benefits. Here are the surprising health benefits of berries:

1. Acai

Health Benefits of Acai Berries

Not many studies regarding the nutritional benefits of acai berries have yet been carried out, but acai may promote effective weight loss due to high levels of antioxidants. A cup of acai juice has only 110 calories.

2. Blackberries

Health Benefits of Blackberries

Blackberry fruits increase collagen production and beautify complexion, and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. A cup of blackberries has around 60 calories.

3. Blueberries

Health Benefits of Blueberry

They improve memory and cognitive function, but also lower bad cholesterol and regulate blood sugar. A cup of blueberries has about 80 calories.

4. Cranberries

Health Benefits of Cranberries

Help prevent and treat urinary tract infections (UTIs) and stomach ulcers. Cranberries also help promote cardiovascular health and protect the liver. A cup of cranberries has almost 50 calories.

5. Raspberries

Health Benefits of Raspberry

Prevent yeast infections and irritable bowel syndrome. Raspberries also protect against vision loss due to aging. A cup of raspberries has slightly over 60 calories.

6. Strawberries

Health Benefits of Strawberries

Regulate blood sugar and decrease the risk of type II diabetes. Strawberries can also release intestinal inflammation. A cup of strawberries has about 50 calories.

Don’t forget that frozen berries are a great alternative for the fresh ones, especially during the off-season time. You won’t lose any of the health benefits of berries by eating them frozen. They’re still as nutritious as the fresh ones are!

Infographic created by F.Nita

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