Gym Workout with Yarishna Nicole Ayala Otero

Gym Workout with Yarishna Nicole Ayala Otero

Yarishna Nicole is a IFBB PRO Bikini Competitor from Puerto Rico. At the beginning she was a salsa dancer, but after her twin sister got pregnant, Nicole decided to start at a competitive fitness level.

If you’re wondering what is she eating, well… chicken breast, baked potato, fish, oats, green grapes and egg whites.

Her top 3 favourite exercises are running on the track, ab crunches and lunges.

“My greatest motivation is looking in the mirror and seeing the radical changes in my body, knowing it is a product of my effort and dedication.”

Nicole’s Weekly Workout Plan

Monday – gym workout (You can work your legs and buttocks);

Tuesday – cardio exercises (You can do easy home exercises);

Wednesday – the second gym workout ( Abs and breasts exercises);

Thursday – running on the track or running outside if is a beautiful weather;

Friday – the last gym workout ( Arms, shoulders and back exercises);

Saturday – the second cardio workout (Pilates or yoga moves at home or gym);

Sunday is the rest day.

“I believe that the combination of a balanced diet, good supplements
and exercise is the key to a healthy body.”

We present in the video below some of the Nicole’s gym workouts : butt and legs exercises. If you are attempting to follow her Weekly workout plan than use these exercises as the Monday workout.

Gym workout video

Sources: Yarishna Nicole Fans page Bikini Fitness & Fittnes4you Blog

gym workout with Yarishna Nicole

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