Guilty Pleasures That Can Be Good For You

Guilty Pleasures That Can Be Good For You

Funny Movies

Don’t feel bad if you prefer watching stupid comedies to more highbrow dramas.

According to researchers, when volunteers watched funny movies like ‘Something About Mary,’ the lining of their blood vessels expanded. However, when they watched a more stressful film like ‘Saving Private Ryan,’ their blood vessels constricted.

Their conclusion? “It is very possible that laughing on a regular basis may be useful to incorporate as part of an overall healthy lifestyle to prevent heart disease. In other words, eat your veggies, exercise and get a good belly laugh every day.


Daydreamers are often thought of as lazy, because it looks as if they are wasting time doing nothing.

But daydreaming is now believed to have a number of advantages. It can help you:

– Find better ways to manage conflict;

– Be more productive;

– Come up with creative ideas;

– Achieve goals;

– Get rid of boredom.


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