Guilty Pleasures That Can Be Good For You

Guilty Pleasures That Can Be Good For You


Beer tends to have a reputation as an unhealthy drink — that could end up giving you a beer belly, or worse.

And while beer is definitely not a low-calorie choice, drinking it in moderation (think 1 beer instead of 4) could actually do you some good.

Beers — especially darker brews — are chock full of antioxidants.

The ingredient hops contains polyphenols — which can lower cholesterol, and may even fight cancer.

Beer may also help rebuild muscle.

And in some cases, beer has even been shown to hydrate better than water in hot weather.


You probably know that too much coffee is not great for you. It will leave you irritable, anxious, and deprived of sleep.

But it turns out that coffee in moderation may have potential benefits, such as these:

– Reduced risk of type 2 diabetes.

– Less chance of developing skin cancer.

– Overall lower risk of death.

For best results, try to stick to just 2 to 3 cups of Joe per day. Find out more guilty pleasures in the next slides!

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