Food Labels And The Most Common Lies On Them

Food Labels And The Most Common Lies On Them

The biggest food label lies are very often encountered by us, but we do not realize this. These labels are placed carefully to create the best possible impression on the product. Often the label makes you buy a product. And often one line read on a food package “transforms the product” in a very healthy food.

Top Lies On Food Labels

1. Food Labeled “Cholesterol Free”

For example, the words “cholesterol free” are often meaningless. Cholesterol is found only in products of animal origin. But to give you a health status, many vegetable products are labeled with “cholesterol free”. For example Fritos, even if they have this inscription does not mean they are healthy for us. They can not contain cholesterol, so this isn’t a product improved for our health.

2. The Color Of The Label

Another thing that’s misleading is the label color of the product. Many foods are green labeled. It has been proved that people are tempted to choose a green labeled chocolate. So they think that is healthier than some other ordinary chocolates. We associate green with nature and so we fool ourselves when choosing foods. We must not be fooled and should read the label entirely. Not just to look at its color and there we go, we buy it.

3. “With Added Vitamins”

We are often fooled by the inscription “with added vitamins.” Indeed, the product contains vitamins, but do not have the same properties. Vitamins taken directly from fruits and vegetables are more beneficial than those introduced by force in products. For example cereals are improved with vitamins. Indicated and healthy is to get our vitamins from fruits and vegetables directly.

4. Food Labeled “Organic”

If you see “organic” it means that the product contains at least 70% organic ingredients. It doesn’t mean is 100% organic. So be careful when you read the label. Read carefully, do not be fooled by a single word, “organic”. It does not mean that the product contains less calories!

A food label with the inscription “30% less fat” does not contain a healthier product. In this case the fat is replaced by another ingredient that usually makes the product less healthy. You are what you eat. Watch the food labels!

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