Fresh And Cool Summer Flavored Ice Cubes Ideas

Fresh And Cool Summer Flavored Ice Cubes Ideas

Flavored ice cubes are a great alternative to the simple water ones, especially in the summer when we drink lemonades and flavored ice coffees. The normal ice cubes, which are made only with water, usually give you a diluted taste once they have melted, so it’s difficult to add them to any drink.

Flavored ice cubes, however, can be used to enhance the taste and smell of your favorite beverage. Besides, this honestly helps a lot if you’re one of those people who are trying to avoid soda like the plague, but who find it kind of difficult when the scorching heat it out to get you. Here are a few cool ideas for this summer:

Flavored Ice Cubes Ideas

1. Floral Ice Cubes

These flavored ice cubes are pretty enough to serve them to your pickiest guest, and they have a lovely flavor. You can use them to cool down herbal teas, or to flavor plain water (in which case you leave these in the water all day, with the bottle in the fridge if you want a cool refresher). You simply add flowers like calendula, hibiscus or chamomile to your ice cube tray, and fill them with water.

Floral ice cubes

2. Mint And Lime Juice Cubes

I admit it, I am in love with ice tea. This is one of my go-to flavored ice cubes, because it works perfectly with a cool glass of ice tea, but also this can be thrown in a lemonade for extra flavor. You fill the ice cube tray with lime juice (about a third of the way full), and add a mint leaf or two in each future cube. If you want you can also add about half a tea spoon of raw sugar or honey to the mixture. To mix it in one go, for one cup of lime juice you can add about a half cup or sugar or honey, but it all boils down
 to your personal preference (hehe).

Mint and lime juice cubes

3. Fruity Cubes

This is another great addition to a lemonade: flavored ice cubes with fruit! You can add a whole strawberry in each ice tray space, and fill it with water, or with a mix of lemon juice and water. If you want a bit of color to your flavored ice cubes, you can just fill the tray half-way with blueberries, and the rest with water. It will turn your lemonade a lovely shade of purple, and raspberries will do the same, but with a bright red result.

Fruity cubes

4. Vanilla Flavored Ice Cubes

We love tea, and we love lemonade, but we absolutely adore ice coffee! These vanilla flavored ice cubes are perfect for your morning cup, or for a mid-day coffee delight. All you need is almond or coconut milk, brown or raw sugar and vanilla. You blend these, and then freeze them. The proportions vary depending on how strong a flavor you want, but the standard is 2 cups of liquid, 1/3 cup of brown or raw sugar (or honey, why not?) and 1 vanilla bean. The vanilla can be bought as an essence too, but the vanilla beans make for a more nicely flavored ice cube- cut them length-wise, and then scrape the inside with your knife and add it to the mixture.

Vanilla flavored ice cubes

5. Simple Coffee Cubes

This is for those of us who are more in love with coffee than they are with sleep. You can make coffee flavored ice coffee (pure love in a cup!), by simply freezing what was left of some brew you made earlier, or by making a special super-intense batch beforehand, and freezing it to add to a cup of milk. Either way this flavored ice cube is perfect for coffee lovers.

If you have any other ideas for flavored ice cubes, share them in the comments below so that we can all have some refreshing healthy alternatives to soda this summer.

Simple coffee cubes

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