Flat Belly Diet For Everyone By David Zinczenko

Flat Belly Diet For Everyone By David Zinczenko

Thin waist and sculpted thighs are the dream of every woman, but the desire to have flat abs more or less belongs to muscled men and women alike. Flat belly diet can be followed by both strong men and pretty women.

Incidentally, David Zinczenko , author of The Abs Diet, has chosen as target audience primarily men , then women , so everyone interested to have a flat stomach can easily follow his flat belly diet.

A flat stomach is sculpted in time and a sustained effort that includes exercises for sculpting muscles , and a diet rich in nutrients that stimulate muscle growth and fat burning .

The author asserts that flat belly diet can be achieved through a simple and balanced lifestyle , based on 12 essential foods rich in fiber , minerals and vitamins , which also have the advantage of helping us fight the fat in the body.

Recommended Foods For Flat Belly Diet:

Olive oil;
Lean meat ( author specifically recommends turkey );
Natural peanut butter (no added sugar );
Raw almonds;
Low fat cheese ( yogurt , cheese , milk, cottage cheese – all with low fat );
Raspberries , strawberries , blackberries , blueberries;
Beans and peas;
Spinach and any other green vegetables;
Oatmeal with skim milk.

6 Rules For The Flat Belly Diet

1 . Eat six meals a day ! Prepare your food packets in the evening for the next day and divide it into six small meals to keep your metabolism active and burn fat all day.

2 . Take breakfast! Breakfast is recommended in two healthy and nutritious either oatmeal with skim milk , strawberries , almonds and low-fat milk or boiled eggs and lean meats. Any option you choose, do not skip breakfast.

3 . Drink natural shakes! Natural shakes, homemade, vegetables, fresh fruit and skim milk in the diet are great because they give you immediate feeling of fullness and not bloating.

4 . Do not count calories! Counting calories obsessively just makes you stress and makes you feel frustrated, so give up the habit. Eat plenty of foods recommended to burn fat and lose weight without the need to keep track of calories.

5 . Drink plenty of plain water! Carbonated beverages are strictly prohibited and alcohol, two of the main causes of a swollen abdomen appearance. Aerated water clean and moisturize your body and your abs will get much flatter.

6 . Cheating once a week! To motivate you even more, the author proposes flat belly diet to give yourself a chance to get a meal as you like once a week. Knowing that you can cheat at a time set in advance, you’ll feel much less tempted to eat unhealthy foods in the remaining time.

You can try some exercises for six pack abs or even for 8 pack. 🙂

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