5 Easy Exercises To Get Firmer Buttocks

Since every girl want firmer buttocks, here are some useful exercises that will make you look astonishing. Just keep doing them daily and the results will occur very soon. You will feel great and proud of your firmer buttocks. OK, so let’s see 5 kind of firmer buttocks exercises:

Exercises For Firmer Buttocks

1. Hip Lifts

Lying on your back with arms along the body, keep your feet on the floor. Gently lift the basin, contracting buttocks. Do not forget to keep your head sticked to the floor throughout the exercise. Movement must be done properly and controlled. Do not let the buttocks on the floor and make sure you do not swing your body. Inhale on the ascent and exhale on the descent. Perform 3 sets of 15 reps with a maximum of one minute break between sets.

2. Rear Leg Raises

Get down on your knees, hands outstretched and palms perfectly sticked to the ground. Lift back one leg while the other stays on the ground. Be careful not to swing or force your column. Do 3 sets of 15 repetitions each for each leg.

3. Prisoner Squat

In the upright position, feet shoulder-width apart, push your butt back. The column must be straight. Put your hands behind your head and flex your knees so that your hips are parallel to the floor. Make sure that your knees are not in front of the toes. Stand up easily. Tighten your abs every time and breathe easy. Perform 3 sets of 20 reps on each leg.

4. Superman Exercise For Firmer Buttocks

Lie on your stomach and keep your arms and legs straight. Contract your abdomen and buttocks simultaneously while slightly lifting your upper body and your legs. Only your belly remains on the floor. Then return to the starting position, without touching the floor. Repeat the movement 15 times for each of the three series. Do not forget to breath!

5. Lunges

Stand straight, looking forward. Bend your right knee slightly and make a step forward. Slightly bend the other leg back, then return to the standing position and repeat the moves for the other leg. Control the movement and always tighten your abdominals and buttocks. Do not forget to breath gently. Repeat this exercise for firmer buttocks 15 times.

These exercises not only will make your butt firmer and rounder but will work your abs too. You will be ready to wear your tight pair of jeans and impress everyone with your firmer buttocks. Start getting fit today!

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