Fat Burning Exercises For Daily Routine

Fat Burning Exercises For Daily Routine

You can’t loose weight without sport, so stand up and do some fitness exercises . You began a series for shoulder , one for legs and when you get to the abdomen, you realize that you are tired. This is especially if you do not train consistently . I’m sure that many of you are doing more exercises than necessary and congratulations for that.

But , as I said , we are talking about cases where the body is not accustomed to intense activity , so a set of exercises that address multiple muscle groups would be a perfect option . And that’s what we’ll do today , fat burning exercises that trigger all the body parts . It’s fast, easy and effective, addressing both sport beginners  and those with daily workout program.

Before Starting The Fat Burning Exercises:

– Perform each exercise at 1 minute interval time;
– Do as many moves as you can in 30 seconds, then rest for 30 seconds and continue again;
– Rest for 1 minute at the end, then repeat the whole cycle 2 more times;
– If you can , do exercises for 30 minutes, but pay attention to what I said above about breaks.

fat burning exercises

4 Fat Burning Exercises

1. Lunge – Running

– Start the straight position , with feet together and arms at your sides;
– Take one leg back and bend yourself, just like when you do a lunge;
– Hold your hands as you run;
– Touch the heel of the front foot , tight your abs and do a slight bounce while changing feet;
– Continue this alternating movement.

Fat burning exercises

2. “The Box” Exercise

– Sit in front of the box, with feet together and arms at your sides;
– Bend your knees, lift yourself a little bit and put your hands on the box;
– Performs a fast move leading your legs back, on the peaks;
– Make sure to have a right posture during the execution;
– Do as many exercises as you can.

woman doing fat burning exercises

3.  Jumper Skier

– Keep feet together;
– Lean slightly and move back your hands (like skiing);
– Quick, come from this position in the straight one, but with the arms near the ears and legs stretched along the peaks;
– Return to the previous position and continue in a balanced rhythm.

4 fat burning exercises

4. Rhythmic Pushup

– Start with pushup position;
– Bend your knees, while the feet remain on the peaks, and hands on the floor (you will feel a touch over column);
– With one motion, put all the strength in your hands and feet go forward, like a lunge and hold a hand along the chest;
– Return to original position to do the same for the left leg;
– Continue alternating movement.

easy fat burning exercises

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