Top 15 Most Crazy And Extreme Weight Loss Methods

Top 15 Most Crazy And Extreme Weight Loss Methods

Extreme Weight Loss Methods

People will go to insane lengths to lose extra weight, including these really extreme weight loss methods. Some of them don’t even work and many of them are downright dangerous!

1. Stomach Stapling

Rather than put in the work and diet and exercise, many extremely overweight people will opt to get stomach surgery done. One of these methods is called stomach stapling which involves excising much of the stomach away and only leaving a tiny pouch that can hold about an ounce or so of food. It basically forces you to only eat small meals so you have to lose weight. The surgery is very dangerous however and many people get infections afterward.

2. Urine Injections

Some people are so tired of being fat that they were willing to be injected with urine: other people’s urine. Pregnant women’s urine to be specific. And it worked! One woman lost 43 pounds in 5 months via this method. The trick is that the urine contains a hormone, hCG, that makes your metabolism speed up.

3. Running From Paintballs

Are you overweight but have a hard time motivating yourself to exercise? A paintball company in the UK started a program for people just like you! You pay just 199 pounds for a 10 week class. For that money you run an assault course and employees will shoot paintballs at you to make sure you keep on moving! They ensure you will burn 800-1000 calories per workout.

4. Nasogastric Drip Tube

A doctor in Florida actually came up with this extreme weight loss method. It involves inserting a tube into your nose and down into your stomach. A liquid solution of fat, protein and water adding up to 800 calories a day drips constantly. It works by inducing ketoacidosis, a process which burns fat. You aren’t allowed to eat anything else for the duration of the diet. The doctor who created the method claims that you can burn up to 20 pounds of fat in 10 days.

5. Making Love With Your Ex

When the world’s heaviest woman, Pauline Potter (who weighed 700 pounds at the time), finally decided she wanted to lose weight, she came up with a genius method. Burn off the calories by making love with her ex-husband up to 7 times a day. She estimates she burns about 500 calories per session and has lost 98 pounds so far!

Most extreme weight loss methods

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