How Exercise Can Really Help Terminal Cancer Sufferers

How Exercise Can Really Help Terminal Cancer Sufferers

Exercise is an often forgotten area of treatment for terminal cancer sufferers. Traditional advice has always been to slow down and to rest, but this is causing patients more harm than good.

According to the charity Macmillan, patients who slow down and rest could be doing more harm than good because studies have shown that regular exercise can stop the disease from spreading.

So let’s discuss why exercise is so beneficial for helping terminal cancer sufferers.

Obesity Is Associated With Shorter Cancer Survival Times

People who have a high-fat level are less likely to survive terminal cancer. One study of obesity and ovarian cancer concluded that obesity has a negative effect on survival times.

Even if your cancer is terminal and you are all but certain to die, regular exercise and preventing obesity can increase your survival length.

Remember that even terminal cancer sufferers can live for years beyond their prognosis if they adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Improving Psychological Health

Everyone knows that exercise improves mental health. With relation to terminal cancer, psychological health is just as important as physical health.

Anxiety and depression are common among patients. As well as a reduced quality of life, anxiety, and depression reduce the chances of a patient taking a proactive interest in their treatments.

They’re not going to take the necessary steps to extend their lifespan.

Exercise counteracts these natural feelings of worry and despair.

Fighting Cancer Tumors Directly

Did you know that regular exercise can fight against your cancer tumors directly?

Research efforts continue in this field, but there’s already evidence to show that those who exercise are able to fight cancer directly. It’s all in the blood flow of the person.

The faster blood flows around the body the faster nutrients are transported around the body.

Exercise of all kinds naturally increases the rate of blood flow, enabling your body’s defenses to get what they need to hit back at cancer tumors.

Stopping The Cancer From Coming Back

Exercise is not just a direct treatment for cancer. Recurrence of cancer is common, even with terminal cancer sufferers. It can come back when it’s least expected.

Mesothelioma sufferers like Paul Kraus are a testament to this. Paul has lived with the terminal cancer mesothelioma for over twenty years and he regularly exercises to ensure his mesothelioma doesn’t worsen.

You can find out more about this through his resource site here.

Recent studies from the University of Alberta demonstrate that terminal cancer sufferers can suppress their cancer and stop it from returning to spread throughout their bodies by engaging in high-level exercise on a regular basis.

Why Exercise Is So Important For Terminal Cancer Sufferers

Terminal cancer sufferers can increase their life expectancy rates by exercising regularly. The enhanced blood flow increases the transfer of nutrients around the body. Your psychological health is enhanced, thus preventing anxiety and depression.

And your cancer can be suppressed, just like Paul’s, which could essentially prevent you from dying for years to come.

Exercise is such a simple change you can make. Yet it has the potential to make all the difference.

Are you currently suffering from terminal cancer?

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