20 Tips On How To Eat Healthy On A Low Budget

20 Tips On How To Eat Healthy On A Low Budget

9. Buy seasonal fruits and veggies

When you’re going to the supermarket go with an open mind. Go to the fruits and vegetables sections, see what’s in season and buy the cheapest veggies and fruits you can. Change your meal plans, change your food intake according to what’s in season and to what cost less. This leads to my next tip to eat healthy on a tight budget:

10. Shop in your local market

Sometimes supermarkets are not always the cheapest. Go to your local markets and look at the vegetables and fruit range they have there. It is possible that there will be more fresher and more cheaper in comparison to big supermarkets.

Sometimes local markets have reduced items which they sell in bulk. For example bananas. Whenever it’s on reduce because it’s going off soon I will buy them in bulk. I will slice them up and freeze them up and use them later on.

11. Keep it simple and eat like the local

You will find that in different countries there are different types of food that cost way less. For example in Asia tofu is extremely cheap and is very easily accessible. But milk and cheese are not so cheap there.

You don’t have to stick to my meal plan or to a particular meal plan and try to buy ingredients that are expensive or are not easily accessible in your country. So adjust the meal plan and use the ingredients that are cheap and easily accessible in your own country.

12. Avoid impulse buying and stick to your list

You want to eat healthy, to lose weight and to save money. My advice to you is to write a grocery list and stick by it. Only buy things that you need, not things that you want. So make a list before you go shopping and when you’re in the supermarket go straight to the sections, get what you need and go straight out.

You don’t have to start looking around. Stop doing your window shopping and stop being tempted by what junks they have on sales. That will save you money and will save your waistline.

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