20 Tips On How To Eat Healthy On A Low Budget

20 Tips On How To Eat Healthy On A Low Budget

5. Eat lots of veggies

In comparison to meat, vegetables are so much cheaper and they are large in quantity. So why not pack your meals with lots of vegetables?! They will save you money, they will trim down your waistline and that is what we want.

Choose to load your meals with lots of vegetables because they will keep you satisfied and they will help you to lose weight at the same time.

6. Buy cheap protein

We need protein, but the question is: do we need expensive protein? Not in my case because my favorite proteins are eggs. They are absolutely cheap and packed with proteins. Another great source for protein is fish.

Chicken fillets are much cheaper compared to red meats and they are also packed with proteins. And this is what you need in order to lose weight and to eat healthy.

So buy cheap proteins and pack your meals with them because they’re really good for your body. Treat yourself occasionally to red meats or proteins that cost more money if you really need to.

7. Buy whole food, NOT processed junks!

Choose to buy whole food where you’re in control with the ingredients and you can prep the meal based on how you like it. Processed foods are not cheap and they’re not good for your health. So why you’d waste your money on junk food if you know you can get cheaper and better quality food.

8. Forget about organic and go basic

Not many people will agree with me, but when you’re living on a budget you need to forget about organic food. Just go basic!

Of course, it will be great if we all could afford organic foods because they taste much better and they’re much healthier for you. But when you’re living on a budget you gotta go basic.

For instance, you can get a pack of frozen berry mix instead of organic berries. It is way more cheaper and you still get the nutrients and the benefits from it.

Frozen berries vs organic

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