How To Use Ear Wax Removal Kit? (An Easy Guide)

How To Use Ear Wax Removal Kit? (An Easy Guide)

Did you know that our ears are self-cleaning? But when this mechanism is disturbed, we must remove it manually with an ear wax removal kit.

Different types of wax removal kits can help you remove the wax from your ears easily without damaging the ears. Want to know about these kits?

This article will briefly discuss the different types of kits used and how to use wax removal kits.

Types Of Ear Wax Removal Kit

There are usually two types of kits that are used for the removal of ear wax easily. Let’s break down their features and benefits one by one!

Ear Drops Kits

Ear drop kits are the most commonly used wax removal kits that allow the safe and easy removal of ear wax. These kits usually have a dropper or a spray bottle, ear wax softening drops, and a bulb syringe. The spray bottle is used to evenly spray the drops into the ears while the bulb syringe helps in irrigation at the end.

The drops in these kits can be oil-based or chemical-based. The most common chemical used in the dissolution of ear wax is hydrogen peroxide while oil-based kits come with natural oils like olive oil. It gives you liberation to choose from a vast range and types of kits according to your skin sensitivity and requirements.

Ear Wax Camera Kits

These are the latest ear wax removal kits that have made the removal of earwax and daily examination of ears easy for homebodies. These kits usually have camera-equipped portable devices that are thin enough to enter your ears easily.

Some advanced kits like Bebird Note5 Pro ear camera also offer LED lights and a gyroscope in their kit to get a stable image of the ear. You can connect the kit to a display device and the connection can be wireless or wired. Bebird offers you a wireless connection.

In addition to the camera, these kits come with different types of small spoons or tweezers that can help you remove the wax build-up manually. These might come separately with the kits or joined with the camera device.

Difference Between Ear Drops and Ear Wax Camera Kits

Let’s make a comparison between both these types of kits and choose the better one for you:

  • The ear wax camera kits are usually more expensive as compared to the ear drop kits;
  • Ear wax camera kits allow you to see inside your ear and check the extent of the problem. In-ear drop kits, you are just blindly putting the drops in ears without knowing the extent of damage;
  • The camera-equipped kits can help you know whether the problem is wax, infections, or other diseases;
  • Since the ear wax kits include manual removal of the earwax, the chances of ear damage increase with these kits if you are not precise. In-ear drop kits, you can easily put in the drops even with trembling hands.

How to Use Bebird Note5 Pro Ear Wax Removal Kit

The Bebird Note5 Pro Ear Wax Removal kit is a 3-in-1 versatile gadget that comes with a 10-megapixel micro camera. The visualization and stability of the image are enhanced by LED lights and the gyroscope built into the kit.

At the front of the kit, highly precise manual tweezers are attached that can be controlled using a button. These can easily grasp the wax and bring it out. Furthermore, Bebird offers your IoT compatibility in which you can connect with healthcare professionals in real-time to get your diagnosis at home. Let’s see how to use it:

  • On removing the cap, the device will be automatically turned on;
  • Switch on the Wifi of your mobile device and you will see an option BEBIRD XXXX, click on this and the camera will be connected to your device;
  • You can use it in observation mode and tweezer mode. In tweezer mode, you just need to remove the silicon tip and the tweezer will open;
  • To close these tweezers for grasping the wax, you can just press on the rubber part of the handle.

Tips and Considerations Before Using Bebird Note5 Pro

Here are some tips that can help you safely use the ear wax camera kits:

  • At the base of the tip, you can find different colored and shaped silicon tips and you can designate each color for one family member;
  • From the app of Bebird, you can click the image of your ear and connect to a professional through the app;
  • Make sure that you clean the device every time you use it;
  • Use the device in a well-lit environment to ensure maximum visibility.

How to Use an Ear Drops Kit?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use an ear wax removal drops kit:

  • First, tilt your head sideways so that the affected ear is facing upwards  or you can also lean against a pillow on the bed;
  • Then squeeze the drops into your ear without letting the dropper touch your ears. The number of drops to be used at once is usually written on the bottle;
  • Sit with your head tilted for 5 minutes and then flush your ear with warm water with the help of a bulb syringe;
  • Lastly, make sure that no drops are left in the ear, and then pat it dry using a soft clean towel.

Tips and Considerations Before Using Ear Drops Kit

  • Do not keep the drops in your ears more than the intended time as it can cause an injury to sensitive ear structures;
  • Before putting the drops in your ears, conduct a patch test on your skin to ensure that your skin does not react to the drops;
  • Do not exceed the instructed dosage and make sure to store the drops in a cool and dry place;
  • Avoid using these drops in perforated ear drum and other ear injuries.


Two types of ear wax removal kits are frequently used: ear drops kits and ear camera kits. The drops kits are inexpensive and easier to use while ear camera kits are slightly expensive but can give you a precise view of your ear conditions.

They are both quick, easy, and reliable methods of removing the wax from ears. The choice of using either of these two comes down to your requirements. So, consider those first before making a decision!

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