5 Reasons Why Dogs Are Perfect Workout Buddies

5 Reasons Why Dogs Are Perfect Workout Buddies

Wanna find that a buddy you can count on anytime? You already have one; and it’s purr…fect. Here’s why dogs are perfect workout buddies.

Research suggests that having an exercise pal can lead to more consistency and better results. However, finding someone who is on the same schedule as you and shares similar workout goals can be difficult.

But there is someone you can count on for your daily exercise routine: your canine friend.

A dog’s personality makes a terrific workout pal, even better than many human buddies, for several reasons.

Dogs Are Perfect Workout Buddies

Here is why you can count on your dog when it comes to finding a perfect workout buddy:

1. Availability

Your household pet is probably on the same schedule as you.

Although he might nap a little more and work a little less, he is usually ready and eager to participate in physical activities of any kind, especially those that take place outdoors.

Of course, your furry pal may love curling up nearby as you do your sit-ups and stationary bicycle time. But you can count on his unbridled enthusiasm when you opt for outdoor exercise.

Take a walk, run, or hike, and your pet will easily keep up.

Unless he is not feeling well or has a grooming appointment, your dog is available to accompany you just about anywhere at any time.

2. Routine-Oriented

Like some humans, well-trained dogs follow a predictable routine. They eat, toilet, and play just about the same time each day. Their rest time is fairly consistent.

When you incorporate an exercise routine into your dog’s daily activities, he will soon adapt and come to expect the session as much as you do.

In fact, if you delay or miss your workout for any reason, your pup is likely to remind you by butting your knee or arm with his head, pawing at your legs, or standing by the door.

You can count on him to be ready when you are, possibly even more so.

3. Compliant

Whatever your workout entails, your dog can likely accommodate it with no problem.

Uphill trails, shooting hoops, and running 5K are no problem for your pup. Just show him what you are doing for the first few days, and he will be on board for it.

As long as he gets to spend time with you doing something interesting that involves physical movement, whether observing or taking part, count your dog in for the exercise and fun.

4. Keep Up

You might have to nudge your pet past a temporary distraction like a chipmunk or toad on the hiking trail or in the park, but otherwise, he will happily trot alongside as you count your steps or mark your time.

He will even sit patiently or lay down and wait until you are finished if he gets tired or bored before you do. You probably won’t hear any complaints from your pet.

Unless he is out of shape, he can keep up with your activities and will probably enjoy the workout as much as or more than you do.

5. Understanding

However your workout shapes up, you can count on your best friend to be there with you.

If you need to take a break or even get injured, he will help however he can, whether by offering comfort and patience or by alerting others to the need for help.

Exercising with your dog is another way to build your pet-and-owner relationship. He will love the extra time doing something both of you enjoy and find meaningful.

He understands the joys of physical freedom and feeling the breeze push through your hair and his fur.

At home afterward, he will likely express affection for the special time the two of you have spent together.

If you need to take it easy, he will be nearby to keep an eye on you.

You Can Count On Your Dog!

Few friends or companions are as adept at physical exercise as your dog would be.

If you are not already spending valuable workout time with your pet, consider finding ways of involving him.

This way the two of you can become even more bonded while you stick to your workout schedule to get in shape and stay there with the help of your canine buddy.

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