NJ Diet Review: DNA Diet Plan That Works

NJ Diet Review: DNA Diet Plan That Works

If generic slimming programs haven’t helped you lose weight, then following a DNA diet plan may be the solution you’re looking for long term.

While the diet industry continues to promote thousands of new plans, programs, and theories committed to helping individuals lose extensive amounts of weight, it’s becoming impossible to determine the best approach to lose weight.

After all, one-size-fits-all never seems to work well for anyone. As everyone is uniquely different, how we metabolize food will change and shift for every person following a program.

Many medical professionals believe establishing a personalized plan is the optimal weight loss approach.

DNA testing can help many professionals review biological markers, genetics, and outside influences impacting our body functions.

A DNA diet plan will remove the generic aspect of weight loss and establish a custom weight loss approach that works.

What Is The NJ Diet Plan?

The NJ Diet plan uses a specific scientific approach to weight loss. The plan offers a medically supervised plan utilizing an individual’s genetics to formulate a customized strategy.

Unlike generic programs, the NJ diet uses multiple testing methods to establish a baseline for each client, using saliva, hair, DNA testing, and body analysis.

From there, medical professionals will develop a unique profile for the patient, highlighting the patient’s predispositions, core genetic functioning, and individual preferences.

Everything within the diet is customized from the very first interaction. The plan incorporates nutritional needs, exercise, vitamins, supplements, and more.

The program holds offices across the United States, although individuals can access the center using an online interactive platform. Physical locations include New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Illinois, and Utah.

Online functionality connects patients too far from a physical location to a medical professional without requiring an in-person consultation.

Understanding The Science Behind The Program

This is a 4-step program that removes the guesswork from weight loss. The program breaks down weight loss into easy and manageable steps.

All patients are offered an initial consultation, complete with a medical evaluation. This evaluation includes detailed insight into the program and the genetic breakdown process.

The second component of the NJ diet is the medical evaluation. All patients must receive a comprehensive health analysis. This analysis includes:

  • Body fat and water percentage;
  • BMI calculation;
  • Mass muscle index;
  • Bio-energetic balancing scan;
  • And DNA interpretation.

The third aspect of the program includes a breakdown and analysis of your health assessment.

Registered individuals will receive their custom weight loss plan, complete with supplements required, meal plan, doctor’s contact information, and exercise requirements. The medical professional will explain how all these details incorporate into the program.

All patients enrolled in the program will receive strict medical monitoring, checking in twice weekly to monitor weight loss overall.

Understanding The Program’s Success

This DNA diet plan isn’t just known for weight loss but for supporting its members throughout the journey.

A third-party NJ diet review shouldn’t just talk about the diet; it should encompass the entire experience.

After careful consideration, most of the online personal reviews are exceedingly positive:

  • Patients commend the staff for supportive and consistent communication, including after the program’s completion.
  • Many online reviews comment on losing more than 30 pounds while following the NJ diet plan.
  • Patients also increased their level of energy, lowered their appetite, and had general improvement in mental health while following the diet plan.

Does Science Support This DNA Diet Plan?

Multiple scientific studies suggest that DNA-based diets are highly effective in losing weight overall.

Recent studies by Interleukin Genetics support DNA diets after their research found people lost twice as much weight when following a DNA-based program.

Likewise, Stanford University followed 141 different women on a weight loss journey. The women were divided into four popular diet programs and carefully monitored. Their study found that women following a program that matched their genetic makeup lost 2.5 times the weight than a generic diet plan.


The NJ diet plan is ideal for anyone wanting to lose weight in a controlled and medically monitored fashion.

All participants receive a customized meal plan, itemized supplement list, and exercise program to follow daily.

After completing the program, all individuals receive a discharge package telling them how to keep the weight off permanently.

If generic diet programs haven’t helped an individual lose weight, looking into a DNA-based plan may be the solution they’re looking for long-term.

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