Diet Lunch | Healthy Choices For A Balanced Body

You’ve heard about the importance of breakfast to a healthy diet, and usually have a dinner plan in mind. Lunch, however, is often forgotten, and is often what throws you off your diet. Either you haven’t made a plan, and try grabbing a few sticks of celery and carrots to fill in – which leaves you hungry and grabbing a snack shortly after. Or you are hungry and grab some fast food, thinking it won’t hurt anything.

Planning a diet lunch is just as important as any other meal when you are trying to lose weight and get healthy. Luckily, there are choices you can make that will not only satisfy your hunger, but also add more vitamins and nutrients to your diet.

What Foods Do You Eat As Diet Lunch?

Have you always loved a chicken salad sandwich? Try something close for diet lunch, but without the fattening mayo! A chicken with curry and apple lettuce wrap will be a tasty substitute, and filling as well.

How about a tuna sandwich on whole grain bread – with fennel and lemon juice adding the flavor, and a slice of fresh cucumber added? Or you might enjoy a salad with tuna for extra flavor and protein? Make it with pita bread, lemons, tomatoes, scallions, cucumbers, mint and cilantro! It’s a diet lunch with great flavor, lots of vitamins, minerals and protein! Maybe a pita salad made with romaine lettuce, feta cheese, garbanzo beans and a whole wheat pita would tempt you?

For those cool days, kale and sweet potato soup can be a perfect choice. If you love grilled cheese sandwiches, but want to cut down the fat content, try an herb, cheese and tomato sandwich.

Of course, you can also choose to purchase some of the commercial diet meals that are available for lunch. You can combine something like a Chicken Club Panini with a package of carrots, cauliflower and broccoli. Wraps can be quite tasty, and are only limited by your imagination. Try a Caesar turkey wrap as a diet lunch, and add fresh fruit for dessert.

There are any number of diet lunches that you can create that will fill you up and taste great. Adding a number of different vegetables to simple pita bread can be great; throw in some tuna or chicken and you have a great meal. Simply use some cottage cheese, some cloves, chives, and some sliced tomato on a whole grain bagel! Making sure that you have a planned lunch will make sure that you don’t sabotage your diet!

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