Herbal Tea Helps You To Detox From Holiday Overeating

Herbal Tea Helps You To Detox From Holiday Overeating

After this year’s holiday season allow your body a few days to detox with a natural herbal tea.

It’s the holiday season and there are just so many reasons to celebrate. Let’s be honest, we know that whenever we’re with our loved ones, bad food will always be around.

And despite our best intentions, we tend to overdo it. Overeating rich, spicy, fatty food, and drinking alcohol and coffee can cause indigestion, bloating, feeling tired, and lethargic.

Proper digestion is the most important component to live a healthy and long life.

So let’s find the balance this holiday season. Let’s allow our bodies to detoxify and recover naturally from the weeks of holiday abuse.

Here are 5 simple tips to recharge and reset your body and energy level:

1. Drink Herbal Tea

Herbal Tea And Holiday Detox Tips - Drink Herbal Tea

Spend your next few morning coffees free and instead drink herbal tea. As you may already know, herbal remedies are a cost-effective method to combat bad digestion, reduce bloating and restore your body back to its original health.

The different herbal mixtures will provide different health benefits. The herbal tea help to:

  • cleanse and nourish the digestive system;
  • assist with weight loss;
  • remove toxins;
  • maintain healthy skin.

Of course, herbal tea has a strange taste because it is basically made from herbs. So if you do not like the taste feel free to add a squeeze of lemon or a dash of raw honey.

If you have never tried drinking herbal teas I would definitely encourage you to try them and gain the benefits.

2. Walk It Off

Herbal Tea And Holiday Detox Tips - Walking

After a large meal, take a 10-20 minute stroll around your neighborhood. Instead of sitting down on the sofa feeling bloated and really full, get up and walk! If you’re at a party, get up and hit the dance floor. It’s a great way to have fun and burn calories.

If you’re in a shopping center take this opportunity to walk around the shopping center and do your New Year shopping.

Walking after a heavy meal is a great way to promote digestion.

If you still feel extremely bloated, walk while massaging your belly button around your abdominal area in a circular motion. People might look at you and laugh but this really helps to promote digestion.

3. Eat Right To Lighten Up

Herbal Tea And Holiday Detox Tips - Holiday Meal

Even if you’re religiously drinking your tea every single day, but you’re still overeating, it will not help your body to restore to its original state.

So after weeks of holiday abuse, or even after having heavy meals over the weekend, try to eat light and clean for the next 3 days.

You don’t have to go on any extreme detox plan such as going on a liquid diet. Instead try to eliminate processed food, sugary food, salt, and alcohol.

So for the next 3 days start your morning with a high fiber breakfast and consume a diet rich in protein, complex carbs, and healthy fat.

If you want to feel healthy, look good, and feel good about yourself, you will have to nourish your body from the inside out.

4. Rehydrate Your Body

Herbal Tea And Holiday Detox Tips - Rehydrate

Dehydration is a major effect of consuming too much alcohol, sugary, fatty foods, and salt. So when your body is dehydrated, that’s when you will feel puffy and bloated.

In order to eliminate toxins from your body, you will have to drink at least 2.5-3 liters of water every day.

Stay hydrated together with herbal tea to flush out toxins and waste from your body more efficiently.

Plus, keeping your body hydrated also reduces cravings and hunger. Because most of the time when you think you’re hungry chances are you might be dehydrated.

5. Sweat It Out

Herbal Tea And Holiday Detox Tips - Work Out

Have you ever felt the need just to sweat it out, especially after a “heavy night”? Maybe you needed this because your body is retaining too much water or you just needed to burn the excess calories.

So the morning after a heavy meal, do a light to moderate 30-minute cardio workout. You can either go for a jog to really sweat it out or do gentle yoga exercises to promote blood flow. This will help you to keep awake and for your body to recover quicker.

Another method which you will enjoy is to visit the steam or sauna room. the heat from the surrounding will help to release toxins from the pores in your skin.

Even though we’re more likely to overindulge this holiday season, you may still apply these healthy and natural remedies to promote healthy digestion any time of the year. We only have one body, so respect it and treat it right! Stay fit!

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