Dance Bingo Combine Entertainment With Healthy Moves

Dance Bingo Combine Entertainment With Healthy Moves

Combining Dancing With Bingo For A Totally Fun And Healthy Experience

Bingo isn’t exactly an activity that people think of when the topic shifts to health and fitness. This is especially due to the fact that for a long time, bingo was once thought of as a game that only appealed to the seniors of our communities.

And then a paradigm shift occurred in the last few years: Bingo was suddenly cool with the younger crowd. Thanks to the Internet’s wide distribution reach – along with some fancy packaging – the bingo industry was able to penetrate the market in a huge way when it brought its business online. People of all ages were now playing the game; and because many of these were young players, their youthful energy and creativity paved the way for some of the more amusing variants of the game.

Coffeehouse regulars in Seattle who wanted an additional jolt to their caffeine-imbibing afternoons came up with coffee shop bingo, which mixed bingo cards with I Spy. Online clothing retailer challenged fashionista bloggers the world over with wardrobe bingo, a mix-and-match game using players’ fashion items. And for folks who had a penchant for getting down on the dance floor, there was dance bingo.

Dance Bingo Is The New Trend

Depending on the level of physicality people wanted to exert, there are generally three ways to play dance bingo. The first one requires bingo cards whose cells are marked with different dance moves which players string together into combos, with the goal of finishing lines or patterns on the cards to get the bingo win. The second variant has players go to the dance floor and bust out moves in between bingo gaming sessions; a game variation used successfully in Australian radio station Joy 94.9’s Disco Bingo Fundraiser last year. Finally, the third – and probably most taxing – variant has players daubing their cards while dancing at the same time.

Online bingo games are also getting in on the fun. Many of these games feature dance themes and/or disco-loving mascots. BingoGodz’ dancing queen Afro-Dity may only be made up of bits and pieces of digital information, but that doesn’t stop her from encouraging mobile gadget players to shake their tailfeathers and literally be mobile.

On a final note, there was a joint study conducted by Case Western Reserve University, Bridgewater State University, and Boston University which concluded that folks who regularly play bingo improve their mental alacrity even as they grow older. With dance moves thrown into the mix, dance bingo might just become the next total mind-and-body workout trend.

Dance Bingo

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