How To Control Hunger And Decrease Your Appetite

If you’re looking for effective methods to control hunger, avoid overeating, and suppress your appetite, here are 9 science-based methods.

Follow the below tips and you’ll boost your weight loss process without making significant changes to your lifestyle.

Tips To Control Hunger

I know there are some basic tips to control hunger, but maybe we need to be brought back into memory sometimes.

1. Large Tables And Rare vs Frequent Small Meals

I do not support any kind of diet idea. I know that people say that 6-7 small meals a day are ideal, but we must recognize that many of us do not have time to reach this goal.

So rather than panic as you did not eat protein at X hour, you better calm down and find the proper formula for your lifestyle.

My guess is that even hunger and appetite can be controlled and you can resist quite well without food and several hours if your body is used.

2. Sport And Weight Loss

Various exercises have different hormonal responses depending on the intensity at which you work. For this reason, I would not really advocate for endless hours of cardio for example.

There are many who run 20 km, are proud of it, and go straight to the dining room where they eat as much or even more calories than burned through sport.

3. Control Your Stress And Anxiety

Many of us are saying that they eat because of stress. We are right when we do it since eating is one of the most common practices of depressed people.

On the other hand, there are those who, on the contrary, can not eat anything because of stress, but of course even this practice is not beneficial to the body.

4. Get Enough Sleep

Another common sense better-known by everybody, lack of sleep and poor quality sleep can have negative effects on anyone.

Sometimes the result is a tendency towards too high consumption of calories the next day and a decrease in insulin sensitivity. These are two disasters for our bodies.

Plus, the lack of sleep causes a state of stress which as previously mentioned, is bad for our health and hunger regulation.

Tips To Suppress Your Appetite

“Secrets” (saw it’s a fashionable term) to lose weight for good:

1. Eat More Slowly

Based on elementary psychology, this advice gives real results. Eating slow gives your brain and stomach time to connect and recognize that you provide food to your body.

2. Eat Foods That Offers A State Of Fullness Early In The Day

Fruits and vegetables full of fibers are micronutrient-dense, low calorie and they are very good options to fill your stomach and keep you satiated for a long period.

Foods with high water content such as soups, low-fat dairy products, beans, lean meats, poultry, fish, fruits, vegetables, and some cooked grains have a lower caloric density in general.

Their water content will keep you satiated and will provide volume to the food.

3. Drink Water And Healthy Liquids

Staying hydrated offers a multitude of benefits, and maintaining fluid in the stomach when you eat can give you a feeling of fullness.

4. Get Your Mind Off Food

It’s a no-brainer to say that when you feel like you get hungry (or craving for something), the last thing you want is to be around someone who cooks something delicious and forbidden.

Try to get involved in an activity when a craving comes and you are not allowed to accomplish it.

5. Plan/Prepare Your Meals

The meal plan is often a reason enough to not fall for cravings or too high-calorie consumption.

It is ideal to write down your daily macronutrient target and eventually fill in a journal what you ate and what you plan to eat.

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