Chest Exercises | For Both Men And Women

Chest Exercises | For Both Men And Women

Chest Exercises

Pectoral muscles are the largest muscles in the upper body and are probably the most worked muscles, with biceps. With a very important role in the overall picture of a person, we are happy to inform you that there are many chest exercises. So I’ll present to you 4 chest exercises that works for both men and women. Women increase their chest muscles and their breasts become firmer. Here are the chest exercises:

1. Inclined Bench Press With Barbell

It works mainly in the upper pectoral and then secondary in front deltoid and triceps. Position the bank at an angle of 25-30 degrees from the ground. Performing the exercise is similar to the bench press. Trajectory during presses are set to be perpendicular to the ground.  Breathing: Inhale on the way down the bar toward your chest and exhale to return.

chest exercises 1

2. Decline Bench Press With Barbell

Exercise require particularly lower pecs, but stimulates the entire area breast-deltoid-triceps. Lying on the bench, grab a dumbbell using twice as large outlet devices than shoulder width. Lower dumbbell slowly, elbows away from the body until it reaches the bar plexus. Push the bar by focusing on movement, to get in position. Wait a second, then repeat.  Breathing: Inhale on the way down of the bar toward your chest and exhale to return. Caution! For a correct execution try to keep your position throughout the set, keep the bar parallel to the ground, and the back and the basin fixed on the bench.

chest exercises 2

3. Dumbbells Bench Press

Execution mode is that used in the bench press with dumbbell, but will use two smaller dumbbells. Lower dumbbells laterally oriented in the same direction. Dumbbell, offering greater freedom of movement will be lowered below the chest level. Take a break in the bottom of the movement and then pick up dumbbells in position. Take a short break and then repeat.
Breathing: Inhale on the way down the dumbbells toward your chest and exhale to return. This exercise can be performed on the inclined bench for upper pectoral development.

chest exercises

4. Flyes With Dumbbells

Lie on the bench with one dumbbell in each hand, arms stretched upward at shoulder width. The palms are facing inwards and dumbbells fixed overhead. Using a semi-circular motion, lower the weights slowly to the side, on both sides of the chest. Return slowly keeping the mind-muscle connection during movement. This exercise require the inner pecs. For the definition of “trench” is recommend using a greater number of repetitions with a lighter weight. Breathing: Inhale on the way down the dumbbell to the side and exhale on the comeback. This exercise can be performed  inclined to work and the inner upper pecs.

chest exercises 4

chest exercises

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