Can CBD Oil Stimulate Healthy Weight Loss?

Can CBD Oil Stimulate Healthy Weight Loss?

Is there any truth to CBD inducing weight loss and helping you get fit? Can you truly use CBD oil for weight loss? Let’s find out!

It is said that, along with the many benefits of CBD oil, is its capability to knock a few figures off the weighing scale when you step on it.

However, is there substantial evidence that it could directly affect a person’s actual weight?

Many experts believe so and were able to produce data on CBD and how it can aid weight management among users.

Before you go and find a good CBD oil, let us briefly revisit what CBD is and how scientific studies recommend the use of CBD oil for weight loss.

What Is CBD And Its Influence On The Body

CBD is short for cannabidiol and is a derivative of the hemp plant. CBD is the primary component that has health benefits.

The marijuana plant, in turn, produces THC, which is also helpful in specific symptoms where its psychoactive components will shine.

Cannabidiol has a way of working with the human body’s endocannabinoid system or ECS.

The ECS is responsible for regulating the immunity, metabolism, and brain responses through both the CB1 and CB2 receptors. CB1 receptors receive its signals through the brain, while CB2 receptors are scattered all over the body.

CBD does not directly affect these receptors, but it does activate receptors, causing weight loss by influencing insulin levels to normalize, blocking metabolic problems, and promoting mitochondria health.

These numerous health benefits can be availed by consuming CBD in the easily available form of CBD oil.

Studies On The Effects Of CBD Regarding Weight Loss

The US National Library of Medicine has documentation on a study regarding the use of marijuana by adult men and women. It proves that those who use the substance have lower waist measurements.

CBD is also associated with low fasting levels of insulin.

A study on mitochondrial functioning in 2009 suggests that CBD can help the regulation of Calcium ion (Ca+2) in the mitochondria to help normalize and boost its capabilities.

Another study in 2011 using animal subjects regarding CBD and its therapeutic properties has shown promise. The subjects were continuously injected with CBD, causing the CB2 receptor to react against weight gain.

CBD Oil For Weight Loss

Here are the CBD oil benefits that will help you lose weight and get in shape:

1. Supports Healthy Functioning Of The Mitochondria

The mitochondria, as the powerhouse of the cell, is responsible for the conversion of sugars and fats into energy.

If the mitochondria are not working correctly, the body is taking in lots of energy without the mitochondria properly doing its job.

The liver, then, steps in and turns the intake into fat and stores away the rest. This is done to prevent the build-up of fat and sugar in the bloodstream.

When a user takes CBD, the substance helps the endocannabinoid system to regain control over the function of the mitochondria.

CBD helps ECS to prevent oxidative stress and cell death by taking the reins of the flow of calcium ions that can cause dysfunction in the cells.

In short, CBD protects the cells from within and helps to keep track of their functioning.

2. Turns White Fat Into Brown Fat

Adipose tissue, more popularly known as fat, comes under the classifications between white and brown fat.

White fat is responsible for the storage of excess energy. On the other hand, brown fat allows the usage of energy using heat.

A 2016 study concludes that CBD can induce adipocyte browning, or turning white fat to brown.

It means that white fat, the dangerous kind that is often related to obesity in aging individuals, is transformable with the use of CBD. The substance makes it easy for the body to use excess energy for daily activities.

3. Helps Control Cravings

Cannabis is known for inducing hunger, which is why it is considered a good supplement for recovering patients.

But while THC from marijuana induces hunger by binding with CB1 neurotransmitters, CBD oil from hemp does not. It helps prevent you from reaching out for another sugary cookie between meals.

If it suppresses your cravings, you are less likely to have any unnecessary snacks that are bad for you, especially those that can sabotage your weight loss efforts.

4. Aids In Fat Burning

An increase of brown fat that CBD is also responsible for can lead to improvement in the burning of fat.

A study in 2018 concludes that the presence of brown fat and its reaction can indeed increase the metabolic rate of adults. Brow fat is easy to burn, and CBD helps turn it to usable energy through thermogenesis.

The use of CBD is deemed safer, and a realistic treatment option for obesity as it naturally improves the body’s capacity to burn off fat.

CBD oil has many health benefits, and that includes helping the body to shed body fat in various ways. It helps with the transformation and burning of fat as well as curb your cravings.

In general, taking CBD is scientifically proven to help you lose weight at a realistic pace. Because CBD oil is natural, it also does not cause any adverse effects on your health.

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