The Right Strategies To Burn Back Fat Completely

Back fat is the only thing that can make a strapless dress not to look cute. That flesh overflow, or back boob, or bra bulge, whatever you want to call it, can be avoided only if you are wearing the right size bra and exercise a few times a week to tone that upper back area.

Now you might have heard something about getting “man shoulders” when working out that area, and this might have scared you. But you’ll never bulk up like that if you don’t take a lot of proteins and supplements, so this myth is really fat from the truth.

The Right Strategies To Burn Back Fat Completely

Because it’s harder to burn off than other fats, it takes right strategies to burn off and eliminate back fat for good. There are two main things you need to know and understand to burn fat, not only on your back, but all over your body:

1. How To Eat To Burn Back Fat

In order to burn back fat, or any other kind of fat, you need to learn how to avoid overeating and how frequent should you eat. Since overeating is widely understood, we will focus on meal frequency.

The gap between meals is a hot topic with many various opinions, but as far as fat burn is concerned, the longer the time between meals is, the better.

When you fast, the fatty acids from your fat storage, be it back fat, belly fat or armpit fat, are released into the bloodstream to get processed for oxidation. This process may start as early as 2 hours into the empty stomach stage.

So the first thing you can do to burn back fat is to overcome binge eating and fast a little bit longer between meals to allow the oxidation process to take place.

2. How To Exercise To Burn Back Fat

Most effective exercises for back fat burning are high intensity workouts performed in the fasting period between meals. By increasing your activity level during the fasting time, you’ll make sure that the fatty acids get burnt off for good.

Your last meal should be at 7 PM; this way you’ll make sure you stay at least 12 hours without eating. Then exercise the first thing in the morning, before having breakfast, to accelerate your fat burning process.

6 Moves To Get Rid Of Back Fat

We are gonna burn off that ugly fat that hangs over your bra. Just add these 6 moves to your current workout routine to get rid of back fat for good! You don’t need anything, but a set of dumbbells. Here are the exercises:

  1. Standing V Raise
  2. Up And Backs
  3. Bent Over Dumbbell Row
  4. Bent Over Fly
  5. Alternating Side Planks
  6. Arm Slides

The beauty of these upper back exercises is the variety. Whether you have access to a gym, free weights, or nothing but your own floor, you can tone your upper back area and make back fat a thing of the past. Here is also a video to help you go through each and every exercise:

9 More Exercises To Burn Back Fat

To arm you with the best workout that sets the fat on fire, especially in the upper back area, here is a high intensity workout plan you can perform in the gym. These moves will definitely “kill” your unwanted back fat:

Image credits: Fitwirr

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