5 Exercises To Burn 50 Calories In Less Than 3 Minutes

5 Exercises To Burn 50 Calories In Less Than 3 Minutes

How to burn 50 calories

Today I’m gonna show you how you can burn 50 calories in less than 3 minutes. We’ve got 5 exercises, 30 seconds each. Do not rest between exercises and try to control your breathing!

1. Squats with knee to elbow

Get down in squat position and then get up and bring your opposite elbow to your opposite knee. Do these moves for 30 seconds.

2. Inchworm push ups

From the standing position walk in down until you get into the push up position. Perform 2 push ups and walk in back in. Keep your back straight all the time.

3. Mountain climbers

From the classic plank position bring one knee towards your chest and then switch legs. Do this exercise as fast as you can if you really want to burn 50 calories.

4. Jab-cross-knee-kick

I want you to punch forward, lift one knee and then give it a lateral kick with the other leg. Do it for 15 seconds and then switch legs.

5. High knees

The last exercise to burn 50 calories is high knees and you need to perform it as fast and high as you can.

If you managed to go through the whole workout you’ve burned about 50 calories and it only took a few minutes. So NO EXCUSES!

Burn 50 calories

Share these exercises with your friends and stay fit!

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