Why Body Shaming Is Not Healthy And Supportive

Why Body Shaming Is Not Healthy And Supportive

Today we’re gonna talk about a topic that is pretty heavy o the Internet: body shaming. We see it everywhere and it’s not cool. Whether it’s happening to you, you see it happening to another person, you’re doing it to yourself or even if you’re doing to another person STOP IT!

Body shaming it’s not healthy, it’s not supportive, it’s not an act of self-love, it’s self-hate. My wish is for all of us to create a healthy and supportive community together, where we can love and accept each other for our unique qualities and move forward in a healthy lifestyle.

5 Reasons Body Shaming Isn’t Cool

A supportive community is going to reach much more and it’s going to reap healthy results for everyone involved. Let’s inspire each other towards eating healthy and towards a healthy lifestyle. Here is why we have to stop body shaming in our society today:

1. Body Shaming Promotes Self-Hate

Self-hate is toxic in our society. Online and face-to-face people criticize each other’s differences and it can destroy one self work, especially when a young person is exposed to this kind of criticism.

2. You’re Underestimate You Or Others

Body shaming says “You’re not good enough”. Whether you’re doing it yourself or to someone else, you’re basically telling your body or someone else’s body that they aren’t good enough. You’re telling your body “I hate you”. So why would you hate your body and not respecting it with good affirmations and healthy foods?

3. Body Shaming Is Judging

If you’re body shaming someone else, you’re essentially judging them and judging yourself. If you’re judging someone else, ask yourself if you’re happy in your own skin. Why do you need to put someone down? What if that person is really struggling with self image issues?

Be kind, show compassion, be encouraging because you never know what the person on the other side of the screen is dealing with. Look deep within, work on yourself before judging another.

4. It Intimidates Skinny And Overweight People

Body shaming tells us it’s wrong to be too fat, or too skinny. Whether you are fat or skinny, learn to love yourself where you are right now. You can’t wait until you are the perfect weight to learn to love yourself. What happens if you get to that weight and then it changes? Are you gonna hate yourself again?

Chances are that if you learn to love yourself wherever you’re at, then you’re gonna be happy in your skin no matter what. People who are happier in their skin are more able to eat better and take care of themselves and physically be healthier than those who are sabotaging all the time.

5. It Promotes Certain Types Of Body

Online and offline media shows us that certain types of body physiques are more acceptable than others. This is a lie, because it’s different across the globe. In some countries women are celebrated for being more curvy, but here in US model type figures are seen as the desired standard.

You should know that there is no right and wrong when it comes to body type, it’s preference. Desire health and strive to achieve real health and I promise you that your body will be beautiful no matter what.

There’s always some internet bullies who will criticize your physique, so you need to be strong. You can only be you, and that is always good enough if you learn to love your body as it is. If you feel that you can do better, then eat healthy and exercise daily, do all that you can do to be in your best shape. Here at fitneass.com we have a lot of exercises and healthy recipes you can try.

Keep in mind that BODY SHAMING COMES AT EVERY SIZE! If you stand up against body shaming and if you want to promote confidence in every person, please give this post a like or share. Stay fit!

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