How To Perform A Correct Biceps Workout?

How To Perform A Correct Biceps Workout?

Biceps Workout

Building bigger biceps can be a challenge. A lot of people find that they plateau and have a problem gaining bigger size. There are a few key biceps workout that you can try that will amp up those biceps to gun slinging stage.

Mix it up! One of the main reasons that you can not get past your plateau is because you are using the same tired methods to get past the plateau by switching up your biceps workout you will challenge your muscles and get past the plateau.

Force Angle

Understanding that there is a difference between changing your exercise routine and changing your force angle is the first step in effectively changing your biceps workouts. A lot of people think that once they change their exercise that they are also changing their force angle that is not necessarily true.

With any bicep exercise if you are not changing your grip or your range of motion than you are not changing the point at which the force is being placed on your bicep so you will not get different results. By simply changing your grip position you can work a different area of your bicep and you will get better results.

A good example of changing your grip which will change the force angle is to grab a barbell not in the center but to the left or right of center. My simply moving your hand a little bit over you will change how your bicep responds to the weight and which part of your bicep responds to the force.

Cindy's biceps workout

Using Bands To Get Pumped Up

Using heavy duty exercise bands and your own body weight as the tension can also give you a different kind of biceps workout. You step into a heavy band that will be secured by your stance. The further part you put your feet the more tension you will experience.

This is a really fast work out. You will see results in about 30 seconds. The goal is 60 reps in 30 seconds so you will be pumping your arms pretty quickly. This biceps workout gets oxygen up into your arms and gets you nice and pumped.

You can change your grip during this routine to get different results! This exercise is often used by boxers because of the need to keep their arms moving and to increase stamina. 30 seconds for amazing results.

 Here is a Biceps Workout Video for Women

 Here is a Biceps Workout Video for Men

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