10 Best Lockdown Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones

Don’t know what presents to give your family and friends this Christmas? Here are the 10 best lockdown gift ideas they’re definitely gonna love.

Lockdown has been difficult for everybody. Celebrating one’s birthday, graduation, marriage and other life events have been a lot more close-knit and not as festive as people would’ve hoped it would be.

Even though it’s unfortunate that you can’t physically celebrate those live events with the people you love, you can still spread some joy through gift-giving.

Now, more than ever, it’s important to express how much you love your family, friends, significant other, and even yourself.

Online shopping has made it a lot more convenient to send gifts to the people you love.

Since the items you order are directly delivered to your loved one, you won’t have to worry about the additional costs of packaging and shipping items.

You can also see reviews of the things you wish to purchase.

Through online shopping, you can even use discount codes to lessen the costs. For instance, you can save money by using a Nest Bedding discount code on your next purchase of mattresses, beddings, and furniture.

This article is dedicated to giving you some of the best lockdown gift ideas for the people you love.

The Best Lockdown Gift Ideas For Technology Enthusiasts

Since everything is online, why not give someone tools that support or even upgrade the technology that they are currently using. Here are some tech-related gift ideas:

1. Phone Or Laptop Stand

Phone and laptop stands help with one’s posture when they’re using their devices. It’s best to keep devices at your eye-level in order to avoid getting neck stains.

This is a great gift idea not only because these are priced affordably, but also because people use their devices every day. Because of that, you are assured that they’ll be using the stand every day.

2. Headphones Or Earphones, With A Microphone

Having your own headphones or earphones is a need in this new normal. With these, you are able to listen to your lectures and conferences without disturbing other people.

It is recommended that you get headphones or earphones with a microphone so that you can participate during your video calls or meetings.

There are tons of headphones or earphones available online across different price points.

Cooking And Dining Gifts

At the early part of lockdown, it was difficult to get groceries or even get take-out from restaurants. Because of that, most of us were busy in the kitchen cooking.

Giving cooking or dining items is great for improving one’s cooking skills and dining experience. Here are some of the best lockdown ideas for cooking and dining:

3. Insulated Mug Or Tumblers

Whether you’re a coffee, tea, or matcha lover, getting your daily dose of caffeine is a need.

What makes getting your hot cup of happiness a little more enjoyable is through using insulated mugs or tumblers.

An insulated mug or tumbler is a great gift idea for everyone because it keeps your drink hot or cold for prolonged hours.

There are many sizes and designs to choose from online. You may even opt to personalize these mugs and tumblers, making them a little bit more special.

4. Food Subscription Boxes

Food subscription boxes are a great gift while on lockdown because it takes care of doing the grocery, listing a recipe, and providing nutritional info on the food that will be cooked.

You can choose the kind of meals you would want to include in the subscription boxes, tailoring it to the person’s diet and food sensitivities.

If you want to do away with all the subscription hassles, a good idea would be to simply send them what they like to eat.

For example, your friends are in a different city and it’s their birthday. Why not order cake online and get it delivered to their doorstep? This is sure to surprise them in the best manner possible.

Lockdown Gift Ideas For Fitness Lovers

Staying active is very beneficial especially today, when we have to take care of our immune system. These are some fitness-related gift ideas:

5. Yoga Mat

A yoga mat is a great gift to give because it provides a cushioned space for you to exercise.

You can do many exercises using a yoga mat such as Yoga, Pilates, and HIIT (high-intensity interval training).

A yoga mat can also be used as a form of protection when you’re exercising outside.

6. Foam Roller

Foam rollers are great gifts to give to your loved ones, and even yourself! They help with posture and dealing with the kinks and pain we feel at parts of our bodies.

Using a foam roller can help massage your muscles, especially when they’re overworked.

Gift Ideas For Gamers

Whether it’s board games or video games, playing games is fun. It gives us an opportunity to unwind, relax, and distract ourselves from school, work, or pandemic-related stress.

These gifts are perfect for the “gamer” in your life:

7. Gaming Chair

Being comfortable while gaming is essential. Having a gaming chair ensures that because it has a headrest, lumbar support, and even a footrest.

You can even choose different designs and colors for the chair. Gaming chairs are a lot more heavy-duty since it is designed to support long hours of gaming.

Even if you’re not a “gamer”, you would want a gaming chair because of its comfort.

8. Gift Card

Don’t know which game to buy for someone? Might as well buy them a gift card so they can purchase the games themselves. This helps them out in buying the many games made available online.

Furniture Gift Ideas

Over time in lockdown, we’ve become more aware of the furniture we use. Because we spend most of our time either sleeping or sitting, we should be thinking about investing into high-quality mattresses and chairs.

Aside from focusing on working hard and staying productive, we should also prioritize one’s rest. Here are furniture related gifts everyone would love:

9. Pillows

You can never have enough pillows. Pillows are great gifts because it helps increase comfort in one’s home while lounging or sleeping.

You can also choose among the many types of pillows available online.

10. Mattress

One absolutely great gift to give yourself or your loved one is a high-quality mattress.

Investing in a high-quality mattress means investing in yourself because one’s mattress can greatly affect the way in which you rest and sleep.

Going to bed is a great thing, so why not make it greater with a more comfortable mattress?

BONUS: Gift For Your Lover

Now, dring the global pandemic and worldwide lockdowns, it’s more important than ever to express how much you care for your significant other.

So, for Valentine’s Day, make sure to spoil your loved one with a unique and memorable gift.

For her, choose a custom flower bouquet with a personalized love note. There’s no woman to say no to flowers.

Likewise, there’s no man to say no to bacon and beef jerky. So get your man bacon roses or other unique Valentine’s Day gifts from Manly Man Co.

Regardless of what the physical gift really is, make sure to express your feelings and let your loved one know you’re always there for her/him.

Hopefully, these best lockdown gift ideas will help you bring some sunshine into your loved ones’ hearts this Christmas.

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